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Doctor Who Comes Of Age

The BBC’s biggest export has been taking UK TV abroad for 50 years

Sat, September 24th, 2016

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Few shows can boast a history like Doctor Who, and Britain’s longest-running science fiction programme can now be viewed by expats living anywhere in the world. Since 1963, Doctor Who has mesmerized viewers of UK TV abroad and at home.

Doctor Who Continues to be Reborn, Series 12

The show’s central gimmick is the ever-expanding roster of actors who have depicted the titular Doctor, who has the power of rebirth under extreme conditions. Those who have never seen the show might have a good laugh at its premise: a slick alien with a magic time-and-space-travelling phone booth and an attractive female human companion travel the universe saving various alien races and averting earthly catastrophes alike. It sounds like something straight out of a pulp fiction magazine, and that’s not unintentional. Doctor Who oozes classic British charm and sci-fi sensibilities, from the I-Spy style construction of the sets to the charmingly camp robot adversaries who scream “EXTERMINATE!” as they close in, plunger-guns blazing. While TV Mucho’s set-top technology may look more consumer-friendly than the good Doctor’s TARDIS, its capabilities for traversing time and space are almost as powerful.


An Enduring British TV Classic that you must see abroad

A classic example of a demographic-spanning show accessible using TVMucho, Doctor Who was originally aimed at children and families, coming into its own over time with a darker and more mature tone. Plotlines might depict murder mysteries for the Doctor and his loyal companion to solve, ancient atrocities for them to uncover, or perhaps simply a heartbreaking and impossible situation, be it familiar or romantic, that is bound to end in tragedy for the Doctor to witness and mourn. The show remains accessible to kids while providing adult viewers with more robust and meaty stories, it’s classic light hearted wit and fun-loving attitude mixing well with occasional bursts of intense British TV drama.


English TV Abroad is Ever-Changing with Doctor Who

Overseas viewers of British TV abroad particularly have been captivated by Doctor Who. American audiences are as fanatical about the show as British viewers. Viewers of UK TV in Spain also enjoy the show, demonstrating just how broad and cross-cultural the appeal of the Doctor can be. The programme is popular for countless reasons, but most would be quick to cite that the classic sci-fi vibe of the show is unique in television, particularly since its 2005 reboot by acclaimed writer-producer Russell T. Davies. The popularity of UK TV abroad such as “Sherlock” and “Merlin” can largely be attributed to the original popularity of Doctor Who, again particularly after its modern reboot just over a decade ago.

The Doctor is currently portrayed by revered British actor Peter Capaldi. Recently the likes of Matt Smith, David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston have played the character with varying degrees of intensity, charm and humour. Each actor brings their own entirely unique sensibilities to the character, honoring the elements brought by previous actors while forging a new version for themselves. Eccleston for example brought the character back from the long break between the original series and its reboot. During that time the character explained he has been involved in a ‘Time War’, and played the character with a certain edge and hardness reminiscent of a shell-shocked combat veteran. With the transition to Tenant the character regained much of his classic lightheartedness and wit, and a new young energy that had not been displayed by any of the original Doctors, traditionally played by an older gentleman. In all, twelve actors have canonically portrayed the Doctor, with a great many more in other media.

Watch Doctor Who with TVMucho

Doctor Who has brought viewers of English TV abroad and at home fascination and joy with its creative plot lines, lovingly crafted sets and enduring, iconic characters since 1963. The inside of the Doctor’s ‘TARDIS’ time-and-space vessel, which features hammers and clocks as dashboard tools, nods knowingly to the old-school anything-goes set design of 60s science fiction television. Current showrunner Steven Moffat continues the classic-meets-modern sensibilities that his predecessor Davies introduced, frequently bringing back classic characters, species and tropes from Doctor Who’s original run while always considering modern sensibilities, most particularly in the show’s touches of wry humour. For its legions of fans, Doctor Who continues to be an iconic series with everything to offer, and infinite appeal due to its transformative and timeless nature.

Doctor Who airs on BBC One, which is accessible with the TVMucho live streaming package. TVMucho enables fans of the show from faraway places and expats far from home to tune in to their favourite programme. Our broadcast of UK TV in Spain, the United States and countless other countries around the world brings Doctor Who to fans and new viewers alike, captivating all of them with its clever twists on classic tropes, classic heroes and villains, and classic charm.

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