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Mon, February 11th, 2019

TVMucho Show of the week

Thursday 10pm - 11pm, BBC4

If you were a teenage girl through the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s then you may have been one for going straight to the Agony Aunt problem pages in ‘Jackie’ or ‘Teen’ or maybe you were a ‘J17’ fan (fans of Jackie will be disgusted to learn that Cathy and Claire weren’t actually real..). Whatever your favourite read, they all had the pages dedicated to helping desperate and confused teens. Of course, the Agony Aunt wasn’t just at the beckon and call of 13-18 year olds, the newspapers picked up on the advice columns and many offered a route for all sorts of problems, some of the mature readers will also remember TV’s Claire Rayner adorning the screens. Although sometimes reading or watching these you’d question whether the queries were real or not (recalling the problem a woman faced about if she could’ve been made pregnant during an alien abduction).

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Mon, February 4th, 2019

TVMucho Show of the week February 4 – 11

Monday 10:15pm - 11:15pm, Channel 4

In the 1970’s, a fringe pursuit emerged, the teaching of children at home was taken up by a small number of families. In 2016-2017 that number had grown to around 48000 children being homeschooled, this was an enormous jump from 2015-2016 where there were 34000. It is estimated these numbers are actually far higher, local authority’s only keep a register of children who are withdrawn from a public education, children who have never been to school aren’t required to be put on these registers.

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Mon, January 28th, 2019

TVMucho Show of the week

Monday 9pm - 10pm, BBC2

I promise, this isn’t just another documentary about Brexit, in the past two years you’ve probably heard every political view and subject matter expert placing their opinion on Britain’s democratic decision to leave the EU. This documentary goes a lot further and looks into the roots of the turmoil created in Europe, looking particularly at its fractious relationship with Britain (and of course some other countries too!).

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Mon, January 21st, 2019

TVMucho Show of the week

Wednesday 11pm - 12am, BBC4

You can take the person out of Scotland but you cannot take the Scot out of the person, that is true no matter where the person goes to live. You can witness this with Highland Games gatherings all across the globe, from Tucson in Southern Arizona, one of the hottest and driest places on the planet to wet and charismatic Dunedin on the opposite side of the planet in New Zealand. The Highland Games are as traditionally Scottish as Bagpipes, Whisky, tartan and Haggis (all of which are all a large part of the games) and attended by thousands annually. The games provide a sense of community and identity for Scots in the modern age, as well as a tough physical contest as athletes compete in events such as Tossing the Caber, Hammer Throw and Tug O’War.

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Mon, January 14th, 2019

TVMucho Show of the week January 14 – 21

Tuesday 10.45pm - 11.45pm, BBC1

The previous year has seen a large number of famous men being accused, and convicted of sexual harassment, their downfall documented in full view of the world. Never has the media across the globe seen such attention paid to the issue, yet the debate about what is or isn’t sexual harassment in the workplace continues in earnest. Simple actions such as complimenting someone’s perfume or saying they look nice can lead to querying whether a line has been crossed, even though someone may have genuinely thought they were only being friendly. The defining boundaries for sexual harassment do not appear to be as clear cut as some may think.

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