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Mon, December 3rd, 2018

Mucho Show of the week December 3 – 10

Sunday 9pm - 10.30pm, BBC1

In a heart wrenching and sadly all too familiar story for many in the UK, the BBC presents a one-off drama about the devastating impact of dementia. The story follows Jenny (Sheridan Smith), a hardworking single mother of two who is able to support her family through the loving care and childcare support provided by her mother, Mary (Alison Steadman). However, their world is turned upside down when Mary suffers a debilitating stroke, developing dementia and finding herself in need of full-time care herself. Jenny is left torn between her responsibilities, she needs to support her family but can’t ignore the needs of her mother.

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Mon, November 26th, 2018

TVMucho Show of the week – November 26 – December 3

Sunday 9pm - 10.10pm, BBC2

Reading about gun crime often infers a connotation across the Atlantic in the USA, a documented a well publicised history of school shootings and gangland warfare is well known to many across the globe. Yet in the recent history of the U.K. more and more shooting incidents are being recorded.

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Mon, November 19th, 2018

TVMucho Show of the week November 19 – 26

Wednesday 9pm - 10pm, BBC2

Over three million women in the U.K. take the combined contraceptive pill, many take it without a second thought as to how safe it is. There are however cases in which taking the pill has been attributed to devastating results; twenty one year old student teacher Fallan Kurek died of a blood clot on her lung only a few weeks after starting to take Rigevidon and seventeen year old beauty queen Georgie Holland suffered a debilitating stroke following a series of migraines and headaches since starting to take Yasmin. Since the contraceptive pills introduction in 1961 there has been frequent swaithes of scare stories and controversy. The mass market medication was impinging on religious beliefs and medical understanding which led to hysteria and intense media reporting.

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Mon, November 12th, 2018

TVMucho Show of the week November 12 – 19

Wednesday 9pm - 10pm, Channel 5

It’s been twenty-five years since the shocking, sickening headline that made not only parents but an entire nation horrified. How could two ten-year-old boys torture and murder a completely innocent and beautiful young boy? The two had been truant from school that day, causing mischief through shoplifting, but the pair were also callously planning something far more sinister, CCTV caught them looking at children, selecting a target and in broad daylight, the two boys lured James Bulger from the New Strand Shopping Centre in Bootle after his mother ...

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Mon, November 5th, 2018

TVMucho Show of the week November 5 – 12

Thursday 9pm - 10pm, BBC1

For over 50 years Prince Charles has been involved in public affairs, embracing a wide range of different topics as diverse as red squirrels and Islam. However, in recent times the media focus has been well and truly on his sons, their marriages and creation of their own little families. As the future King turns 70, filmmaker John Bridcut has been granted the privilege of spending the past 12 months with him, charting a very different side to the perceived public persona. Bridcut has spoken intimately with those closest to him - The Duchess of Cornwall and Princes ...

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