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Mon, April 29th, 2019

Avengers: Endgame – Everything you need to know (No spoilers!)

The ambitious Avengers: Infinity War saw the biggest collaboration of superheroes in cinematic history. So, Marvel fans can’t help but wonder - what will they do next? Will they be able to save the fan-favourites that faded to dust? Will Thanos ever be destroyed? And will everyone survive the battle for the universe?

Don’t worry, after a year of waiting you can finally see what happens to everyone in the sequel Avengers: Endgame which is coming out this week! This is actually earlier than audiences originally believed as the intended release date was the 3rd of May, 2019 but it has now ...

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Mon, April 29th, 2019

Planet Child

Wednesday 9pm - 10pm, ITV

ITV presents a brand new three-part series that puts together a bold series of experiments to examine the different ways children in the UK and the rest of the world experience the world we live in today. The experiments explore key areas such as gender awareness, morality, independence and risk-taking and the programme seeks to further our understanding of how a child’s development has changed over the years. The children range between four and seven years old and each individual’s reactions are different to the challenges they are given, demonstrating and eye-opening difference to behaviours, attitudes and just what children are capable of when they aren’t suppressed by natural parental care.

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Mon, April 22nd, 2019

Jill Dando: The 20 Year Mystery

Thursday 9pm - 10pm, ITV

It remains one of the UK’s most intriguing and puzzling ‘whodunnits’? Jill Dando was murdered in broad daylight on her own West London doorstep in April 1999, the incident lead to one of the most high profile unsolved murder mysteries of modern times. Highly regarded by all she was the sweet, caring and quintessentially girl next door character that the nation adored. She was one of the BBC’s biggest stars and the murder shocked the nation. She related to the public, her crush on Cliff Richard echoed by many in the UK and in this documentary we see her giggling like a schoolgirl as she is pranked by the singing legend. She had everything to live for, she was planning her forthcoming marriage and her career was flourishing. Being shot point blank range in the back of her head was callous, cowardly and ruined the lives of so many close to her.

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Sat, April 20th, 2019

Baptiste – Series 1: Everything you need to know

In recent years, the BBC has created some incredible dramas which have had audiences at the edge of their seats and falling in love with the new characters that are presented to us. Baptiste, their latest spin-off drama starring Tchéky Karyo, will be no different for those who have not seen it yet. But what is it about and who stars in it? Don’t worry, we have everything that you need to know about this show!

Warning - there are spoilers ahead from the show’s creators themselves, Harry and Jack Williams.

Across the span of two intense series of The Missing, Julien Baptiste (played by ...

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Thu, April 18th, 2019

True Detective: An in-depth review

Good news, True Detective fans - series 3 arrived in the UK earlier this year and there's 8 episodes to enjoy. Lovers of crime drama adore Nic Pizzolatto's show, and we're certain you won't be disappointed with the next instalment. But while you're preparing yourself for season 3, let's take a look back and celebrate this show for all it is worth.

The first series began on the 12th January in 2014 on HBO. The original cast contained Hollywood stars such as lead Matthew McConaughey and sharp-tongued Woody Harrelson alongside Michelle Monagham, Michael Potts and Tory Kittles.
True ...

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Wed, April 17th, 2019

TVMucho launches new voice control feature

There's more exciting news from TVMucho. The latest exciting development we can’t wait to share with you is a new voice control feature that will be available for all our users soon.

At TVMucho we live by the motto, ‘If you rest, you rust’ and that’s why we never stop working on improving our service.

You can now control TVMucho with only your voice with no need for a remote. If you have a microphone built in (for sure on PC/Mac, Phone and Tablet, but also on many TV’s) you can now speak to TVMucho. Voice control can replace your remote control, keyboard and mouse providing a lot more ...

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Wed, April 17th, 2019

DMAX from Discovery channel & BBC Scotland now available on TVMucho

TVMucho already offers a huge range of free-to-air channels plus our premium channel pack giving subscribers access to even more great TV content.

Now there are two excellent new free channels for you to enjoy via TVMucho - DMAX & BBC Scotland.

Discovery channel just launched this new UK channel called DMAX which replaces the Discovery Travel Channel on free-to-air services. The new channel will features shows that focus on survival, extreme lives, comedy and motoring. Shows currently on air include Bear Grylls: Born Survivor, Man V Food, American Chopper, Life Below Zero and ...

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Mon, April 15th, 2019

Climate Change: The Facts

Thursday 9pm - 10pm, BBC1

It is fair to say that David Attenborough in one television series achieved far more public awareness on the use of plastics than any other scientist, environmental group, protest or documentary has ever done before. The Blue Planet 2 series highlighted the destruction and devastating effects plastic had on the ocean. Some 88% of people who saw the programme have drastically changed their habits, and the public pressure has forced many businesses to change their habits - McDonalds for example has driven a change from plastic to paper straws.

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