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TVMucho Show of the Week - 30 December 2019 - Wednesday (New Year’s Day) 9pm – 10.20pm, ITV

Mon, December 30th, 2019

It has been two years since Bancroft first hit the screens, and killer cop Elizabeth is back, she is snarling, devious and as evil as ever, she has also been promoted! For anyone who watched the first series you’ll be well aware she is completely ruthless, murdering anyone who gets in the way of her career progression.   

The end of the first series saw a murderous twist as Elizabeth had not in fact been in love with Laura Fraser’s dull and boring husband Tim, but Laura herself. The two had enjoyed a fling before Laura fell pregnant and ended the affair. But that wasn’t all; Bancroft ensured her murderous ways were kept hidden as she shot dead Detective Sergeant Katherine Stevens – the only person who suspected she was a rogue copper. The final scene showed Stevens in a coma while Bancroft picks up her promotion, before discovering that her son’s father is Tim Fraser – well that’s what she told the cops anyway.  

The new series starts with Bancroft in charge of a newly merged North West police force, but her promotion hasn’t stopped her old habits. A property developer and his wife are brutally and messily murdered, and when Bancroft’s forlorn son Joe is on the periphery, the motherly protective instincts kick in. The dead couples daughter is Joe’s girlfriend, but she looks like trouble and Bancroft’s dagger eyes focus on her.   

The new series will also see Bancroft face a “chilling new antagonist” and Sarah Parish who plays the main character reveals “I’m absolutely thrilled to be returning to the role of Bancroft and inhabiting her complex life which Kate [Brooke] has crafted so well. “Bancroft is such a contentious anti-heroine and as a character she offers me so much to work with. Manipulative and strategic with her thinking, she knows how to get what she wants. “The question is, what will this cold-blooded killer do next in order to defend her son?”  

Joining Parish in series 2 are Adam Long as Joe Bancroft, Adrian Edmondson as Cliff Walker, Charlotte Hope as Annabel Connors and David Avery as the Detective Superintendent Jake Harper.   

The series runs for three consecutive nights and you can catch it all with TVMucho.   

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