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Fri, December 8th, 2017

There are a lot of great shows always airing on various of our channels. Our Catch Up TV consists of 12 different categories designed to help you find your favourite shows. From the Peaky Blinders, a cult crime-drama with the coolest walks of all times to great comedies and reality television. Want more? Stay tuned, because we are preparing numerous lists to help you find your favourite programmes. Let us know if we can do anything more in order to improve.


The Holidays are approaching

When you’re an expat living abroad, the holidays become even more special. You get to go home and see your friends and family, and sometimes they come for a visit. We recommend spending as much time as possible with them. And if after a beautifully spent day you all feel like watching some quality television in the warmth of your home, you can always count on us to provide convenience.


Our Catch Up TV categories allow you to search between movies, series, sports, documentaries, and many more. Also, you can use our Catch Up TV Guide to search what is available on BBC One Catch Up TV, ITV Catch Up TV and other 32 UK TV Channels that we have available for you. If you know what you are searching for, simply type your desired show into the Search Box and in 5 seconds or less you shall already be enjoying your desire Catch Up TV Programme.


The weekly selection of best Catch Up TV

There are a lot of great shows airing at the moment. BBC Two is providing one of their most known series, the Peaky Blinders. Yet, a lot of great documentaries like The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway and Blitz: The Bombs that changed Britain are also available. There is a bit of everything for everyone. Channel 4 excels with short comedy shows and BBC One has that cult programmes like Strictly Come Dancing and The Apprentice. Here is a small selection of some Catch Up TV programmes that are available on demand at the moment. Feel free to suggest some brilliant TV shows that you love so that we can incorporate them into our selection and recommend them to other people.


Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders

Steptoe and Son on demand

Steptoe and Son

Catch Up on Fifteen Billion Pound Railway

Fifteen Billion Pound

Catch Up on Heartbeat


Love, lies and records

Love, Lies & Records

UK TV Guide - Blue Planet II

Blue Planet II



The A Word

The A Word

I'm a celebrity, get me out of here

I’m a Celebrity…

Catch Up on Escape to the Country

Escape to the Country

Blitz: The Bombs that Changed Britain

Blitz: The Bombs...

Mexico Catch Up TV

Art that made Mexico


Check our Catch Up TV Categories

Want more? Simply go to Catch Up and browse through the Categories. You can also use our great Search Option to find exactly what you want. The Search Option is keyword optimized so just type what you want to watch and enjoy. So, let’s say for example that you are searching for “Peaky Blinders”, simply type that in the Search and you’ll get all the episodes available. Or, to give another example, when searching for “Art That made Mexico”, you can simply type “Mexico” and find it that way. Please comment if you have any questions regarding articles or service and thank you for reading about or using TVMucho.


Some further recommendations

There are a lot of programmes out there, not just TV Shows. Because of this, we added a couple of further recommendations for you to check. Hope you’ll find them pleasing and do share your thoughts with us. But as one shows end, the others appear.


Catch Up on Sports: Sporting Funnies

It’s good to laugh. The Sporting Funnies last around 10 minutes and are a great way to completely use the most of those 10 minutes because you’ll laugh out loud. The world of sports has a truly funny side. Watch a series of funny clips from different sporting events. Watch Donald Trump in 1992 at ITV4 receiving an unexpected gift.


Catch Up on Movies: An Unexpected Christmas

That special time of the year is coming. Holidays are upon us, and such happiness can be found through sharing and the feeling of connectedness that are associated with these holidays. The movie is starring Susie Abromeit and Dillon Casey. A touching Christmas drama.


Catch Up on Music and Arts: Britain’s Lost Masterpieces

Dr Bendor Grosvenor, a historian and art dealer and Jacky Klein, an art historian celebrate the UK’s local art treasures as they track down lost and hidden paintings from local museums and galleries. The show aired on BBC Four at 22:30 on the 11th of December so you have time to Catch Up with it.


Highly Recommended: Blue Planet II

The series concludes with a look at the ways human activity can impact on aquatic wildlife, including albatrosses unwittingly feeding their offspring plastic, mother dolphins with contaminated milk, and communications between animals being disrupted by noise. However, there are signs of hope, including the thriving Norwegian Spring-Spawning Herring, previously on the brink of extinction, and efforts to save endangered species like the whale shark and to preserve the eggs of giant leatherback turtles. Read More about Blue Planet II. Also, Blue Planet II airs on various channels, so try a Search with “blue planet” and start watching this beautiful documentary.


Watch TV Shows Online Abroad

TVMucho offers 1-Hour a day forever free trial for Live UK TV and 7 days of Catch Up TV. You can sign up for the free trial here in order to watch UK TV Abroad. Also, check our UK TV Guide that is a weekly representation of the best shows and movies.

If you want to check our prices for Live UK TV and 7 Days of Catch Up click here. They start at €4 per month for the annual subscription. For an additional small fee, you can watch on up to four devices at once. However, TVMucho is available on as many devices as you have at different times.

Invite your friends to Earn FREE UK TV Time and watch free movies online or on catch up TV. Comment on the post to let us know if we can improve something or add some shows you are fond of or implement new articles for you.

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