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TVMucho Show of the week June 3 – 10

D-Day 75: A Tribute to Heroes

Mon, June 3rd, 2019

Wednesday 9.15am – 1pm, BBC1

On the 6th of June 1944, the largest seaborne invasion in history commenced under the codename Operation Overlord. Planning began in 1943 for the monumental feat and to this day has never been matched in terms of numbers in a single seaborne operation. Many know the day as D-Day, it started the liberation of not only France, but the whole of Europe from Nazi control as well as the victory on the Western Front.

The operation targeted 50 miles of Normandy coast and was split into five sectors – Omaha, Utah, Gold, Juno and Sword. Over 24000 British, US and Canadian soldiers landed on the beaches to face a series of difficult obstacles, including barbed wire, wooden stakes and metal stakes. There was of course then the onslaught and barrage of weaponry launched by the Germans, including aerial bombing and fierce machine gun fire from turrets. Despite the careful planning and attempt to deceive the Germans with a false landing before D-Day, some 4414 Allied soldiers perished, with at least a further 6000 serious injured or wounded. The Germans also suffered great losses that day. Nevertheless, the bravery of the Allied soldiers from 14 different countries who faced a hardened and determined enemy 75 years ago ensured the end of the war came into sight.

As the nation does every year, we mark the sacrifice of our servicemen and women in conflict, but this year focuses heavily on D-Day, the 75th anniversary celebrations is privileged enough to enjoy the entire morning and lunchtime slot on BBC, and rightly so.

Presented by Huw Edwards live from Southsea Common, Portsmouth, the programme tells the entire story of the events, from start to finish, using the testimonies of veterans who were there, music and theatrical performances. Reporters JJ Chalmers and Michelle Ackerley walk the crowds and speak with veterans, historians and members of the public. The BBC team are in great company – Her Majesty the Queen joins heads of governments, including President Donald Trump and over 300 veterans who were on the beaches.

The celebrations for the day culminate in a spectacular flypasts which will include Spitfires, Typhoons and the Red Arrows.

A humbling programme which reminds us all why it is so important to remember the sacrifices made by so many which allow us to enjoy the freedoms we do today. This may be an on demand TVMucho viewing for many as it shows during the working day.


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