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Gun No.6

Mon, November 26th, 2018

Sunday 9pm – 10.10pm, BBC2

Reading about gun crime often infers a connotation across the Atlantic in the USA, a documented a well publicised history of school shootings and gangland warfare is well known to many across the globe. Yet in the recent history of the U.K. more and more shooting incidents are being recorded.

Since the appalling atrocity in Dunblane in 1996 where a lone gunman murdered 16 innocent children and their teacher. The incident triggered the Snowdrop Movement which led to drastic changes in British gun laws. Despite the law changes the increase in shootings in the U.K., particularly London, has shocked society. To date, nine people have been shot dead in the capital, but the rate in which a gun has been used in a crime has increased by 20%. It’s a difficult time for the police, the riots of 2011 are still fresh in the mind, all triggered by the shooting dead of a suspect believed to have had a gun.

Gun crime is not solely a problem in the capital, all across Britain there have been incidents of shootings. This year alone has seen shootings in Norfolk, the West Midlands, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Glasgow and Belfast to name a few.

This documentary explores British Gun crime by tracing the history of a single illegal handgun that is known to be have used in at least 11 shootings and three murders. As one criminal explains, the tight gun control in the U.K. results in a unique situation where reliable weapons are not disposed of after a crime, but are sold, loaned or passed to other criminals.

The single weapon, referred to as Gun no.6, was so feared by West Midlands Police in the early 2000’s it was the most sought after gun in a list of known weapons.

The documentary also features contributions from surviving family members of those killed by this very handgun, as well hearing from perpetrators who committed those crimes. It also examines the impact and long-term repercussions of shooting incidents for not only the police but communities where they happen.

An eye opening programme that highlights the devastating impact of gun crime across the country.


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