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TVMucho – Top ten shows of the week December 3 – 10

What are our TV picks of the week?

Mon, December 3rd, 2018

TVMucho is the perfect solution for expats and travellers abroad looking for UK TV on demand. What are our TV picks of the week ? Read on to find out our top TV picks for the next 7 days.

MOTD: FA Cup Third-Round Draw Live

Monday 7.30pm – 8pm, BBC1

The excitement of the FA Cup captivates football fans around the country and Mark Chapman presents live coverage of the third round draw. A tie with the big clubs is possible and the remaining teams from non-league, League One and League Two will be hoping for an away game at the likes of Old Trafford, the Emirates or Stamford Bridge. With analysis from Ruud Gullit and Paul Ince.


Nadiya’s Asian Odyssey

Monday 9pm – 10pm, BBC1

Two part series in which the former Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain explores the Asian continent to meet the people, places and food. Her journey is dictated by an analysis of her DNA, which leads her to some unexpected places. Her first destination is Cambodia, where she meets some girls training in the fine art of French patisserie in a bakery school. She then heads off to Thailand where she learns how to make a unique curry paste on the island of Koh Sukorn.


999: What’s Your Emergency?

Tuesday 9pm – 10pm, Channel 4

A staggering fifty percent of the U.K’s criminal arrests are committed by just five percent of families. Cameras follow these families in this episode. We witness the arrest of a young man, drunk outside a nightclub, who is part of a family that have amassed an astonishing 193 arrests and 111 convictions between them.


World’s Weirdest Homes

Wednesday 9pm – 10pm, Channel 4

Charlie Luxton travels the globe looking at amazing and unusual homes, examining what drives people to build and live in them. In the programme Charlie meets a Bible-obsessed Dutch entrepreneur, a group of scientists pretending to live on Mars and a billionaire YouTube celebrity who has his own zoo!


Draining the Sunken Pirate City

Wednesday 10pm – 11.05pm, Channel 5

Synonymous with being the pirate city, Port Royal was sunk beneath the waves after and earthquake and tsunami in 1692. It’s discovery in Jamaica’s Kingston Harbour in the 19th century revealed a swaithe of pirate treasure and buried buildings. The city sank in minutes and 5000 people died in the catastrophe. Dr Jon Henderson investigated the ruins of the city, using high tech survey equipment he shows us the 33 acre site in great detail and offers new visualisations of its past.


Escape from Dubai: The Mystery of the Missing Princess

Thursday 9pm – 10pm, BBC2

What was meant to be a new life in the USA never came to fruition for Princess Latifa, the 32 year old daughter of Dubai’s ruler. After she boarded a boat in February to make the journey she was intercepted by Indian Commandos and it is presumed she was returned to Dubai. This documentary pieces together her plan, which has been in the offing for over 7 years, it also explores the mysterious disappearance of he sister, Sharma, who went missing from the streets of Cambridge in 2000 after fleeing the family mansion. The programme also explores the image of Dubai, questioning whether the glossy brochures of high class hotels, sunshine and luxury holidays masks a brutal dictatorship with no regards for human rights.


The Mash Report

Friday 10pm – 10.30pm, BBC1

Last in the series of the satirical, comedic and surreal take on the news from the previous week. Presented by Nish Kumar with social media analysis by Rachel Parris and the Mash Report News Desk provided by Ellie Taylor and Steve N Allen.


Jack Frost

Saturday 2.20pm – 4.25pm, ITV2

Christmas fantasy drama in which a rock musician realises he spends far too much time away from his family, but is sadly killed in a car crash as he makes his way home for the holidays. The following Christmas the mans spirit takes the form of a snowman built by his son, allowing the family to spend one last Christmas together. Stars Mark Addy, Kelly Preston, Joseph Cross and Michael Keaton.



Saturday 9pm – 11.25pm, Channel 4

Robert Zemeckis’ epic thriller. During the Second World War a daring Canadian intelligence officer falls for a beautiful French resistance fighter. Reuniting in London the pair find their relationship tested by the pressures of the conflict. Stars Jared Harris, Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard.


Home Alone

Sunday 5.35pm – 7.35pm, Channel 4

A family jets off to Paris for a magical Christmas, but accidentally leave behind their 8 year old son. The boy initially enjoys his freedom, but a pair of dim-witted and clumsy burglars soon force they boy to lay booby-traps to defend his house and himself. Stars John Candy, Daniel Stern, Joe Pesci, Catherine O’Hara and Macaulay Culkin,


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