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Killing Eve Series 3 : Everything you need to know

Fri, February 28th, 2020

Killing Eve series 3 is in production, after seasons one and two were huge hits with audiences in the UK, the USA and many other countries around the world.

The brilliant chemistry, dark comedy, and amazing performances from Jodi Comer as unhinged assassin Villanelle, plus Sandra Oh’s charming turn as Eve Polastri ensure we can expect more great drama from Killing Eve series 3.

There’s already been plenty of plot twists, betrayals, and a strange friendship/love interest between the killer and the detective. Now, let’s take a quick recap on what happened in series one and two, plus look ahead to what we know about Killing Eve series 3 and when it will be on our screens.

The story so far 

Despite the shock ending in series two where it seemed Villanelle had killed Eve, there was little doubt when we did not see any confirmation of her death, that the characters would be back on our screens before long. We now know that will be the case as a third series has been confirmed. We also now know that a fourth series has also been confirmed. Exciting news!

Going back to the start, Villanelle was being hunted by secret services in London trying to identify a secret group called known as The Twelve.

The series moves on as Eve Polastri is recruited by the team to work as a British intelligence investigator tasked with capturing psychopathic assassin Villanelle.

However, as the chase for Villanelle progresses, Eve and Villanelle develop mutual feelings and admiration of each other bordering on obsession.

As Eve traces Villanelle across a trail of high-profile murders around Europe she announced her theory that the assassin is a woman.

Villanelle lures Eve to Berlin and closely follows her as she investigates the crimes. Villanelle’s next mission is to the UK to kill a mole, Eve’s former MI5 boss Frank. As punishment for her reckless behavior on recent assassination jobs, Villanelle’s handler Konstantin gives her a punishment, which means she has to work with two other trained assassins to keep her under control.

Villanelle breaks into Eve’s home to talk and gather information that she uses o find Frank and kill him. Following a new handler, Villanelle is now ordered to kill her old partner Konstantin, after he escapes from his home, she tracks him down again in London shooting him in a cafe.

Later when Eve is dismissed from her role with MI6, she decides to independently hunt down Villanelle and finds her at her apartment in Paris. The pair admit their obsession with one another, but then Eve stabs Villanelle bringing the series to a close.

Series two

Series two picks up immediately from where it left off in series one. We see Eve frantically searching the street for the wounded Villanelle without finding her.

Eve is called back to London to investigate a murder case and when we see the injured Villanelle take the trip from Paris to London, it seems like revenge on Eve’s attack is on her mind.

Meanwhile, Eve meets her new team and claims that the murderer is actually not Villanelle, but a different assassin she calls The Ghost.

Villanelle is held hostage by a man who she had tricked into taking her into his home and helping her heal from her wound. After a few days, captive, she kills him and escapes, being picked up by her new handler Raymond who tells her he will keep under tight control.

Eve discovers The Ghost’s body count is much bigger than she first realised, while Villanelle tries to get Eve’s attention with assassination but is irritated when Eve does not show up to investigate the murder

In a desperate attempt to get closer to Villanelle, Eve puts out a hit on herself, hiring Villanelle to do the job. Villanelle and Eve work together to remove the dangerous Aaron and Raymond from killing them in turn. Eve and Villanelle flee the scene together and end up amongst some Roman ruins, they argue as Eve tries to leave when Villanelle wants them to be together, as Eve walks away Villanelle seemingly turns off her feelings for Eve and shoots her in the back.

Killing Eve Series 3

Killing Eve Series 3 has started filming and while we don’t know too much about the plot yet, we know a few key details that will pique your interest.

Firstly, Sanda Oh has been spotted filming on the streets of London confirming that Eve is not dead and will return. The other thing we can gather from the snapshots seen so far is that Eve is back to looking anxious and worried like in season one. Is this evidence that Villanelle is ready to move on from their relationship and wants to finish the job and kill Eve for good? We will have to wait and see.

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait much longer to see a trailer for Killing Eve series 3 going on the previous series the trailer should be online sometime in March 2020.

As for other predictions on where season 3 will go? Well, that’s a little bit difficult to predict, as the show has already deviated significantly from the books they are adapted from. So far from the books we’ve seen character switch genders, and the addition of completely new characters. So, we can’t take too many clues from the books for series 3 of Killing Eve.

Is there any future for Eve and Villanelle? Will they team up and become a Bonnie and Clyde style crime partnership? Has Villanelle been changed by Eve, or had eve been changed by VIllanelle? One of them is a psychopath and one isn’t.

Jody Comer who plays Villanelle has posed the question herself, how much does Eve really mean to Villanelle? It appears as if it is a deep and meaningful connection and even love, but does Villanelle understand the concept of love? It’s clear the most important person in the world to her, is herself.

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