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Live Brexit Referendum: Do We Want No Deal?

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Mon, October 14th, 2019

Thursday 9pm – 10.35pm, Channel 5

I know, I know, that word again. You can’t get away from it! It goes on and on, but alas, the end may just be in sight! With Boris Johnson determined to get Brexit done by 31st October 2019 ‘by any means necessary’ the UK may just find itself out of the European Union in the next couple of weeks. It seems an age since the referendum on Thursday 23rd June 2016 where 52% of the vote, some 17.4 million people, determined the UK should leave the EU, it was largely unexpected, with most politicians and media missing the feeling of the public. Nothing seems to have changed there if social media is to be believed.

The political and socio-economic landscape of the country has changed since then, we’re on our 3rd Prime Minister after David Cameron stood down and Theresa May’s premiership will not go down very well in history – particularly with her Brexit deals being rejected overwhelmingly in parliament. And then Boris Johnson took up residence in number 10, and let’s be honest, his start couldn’t have gone worse if he had tried! His personality and way of attempting to do things really rubbed Labour, the Lib Dems and the SNP the wrong way. Forging coalition and friendships just hasn’t happened and the way in which he is determined to leave led to several straight defeats in parliament – most of them around preventing a ‘No Deal’. In fact, the ‘Benn Act’ has provided a legal framework which forces the Prime Minister to ask for an extension to Brexit on the 19th October if no deal has been reached. But for the Leave voter he has been just what they want – a PM who is prepared to leave.

If you follow the event on social media you will see a wide range of opinion on the matter, but perhaps one of the most striking is the negativity and animosity towards politicians, with even staunch remain voters becoming frustrated with MPs opposed to Brexit frustrating parliament.

One argument that Channel 5 and Jeremy Vine are pursuing an answer to is whether the general consensus amongst the voting population is that they just want a No Deal on 31 October, come hell or high water, just to get the uncertainty over with. To explore this theory and analysis, this programme is undertaking the largest Brexit opinion poll to date, surveying over 25000 people across the UK to determine their view on whether we should leave the EU with or without a deal, or even if we should leave at all. Presenting the results through the night and debating what it means – particularly for any future election.

Whatever your opinion on Brexit, this is a must watch, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world or what nationality you are, the outcome will affect economics globally.


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