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Love Island 2019: The Story so Far…

Wed, July 3rd, 2019

The show on everybody’s lips (and all over social media) is ITV 2’s reality dating show, Love Island. The show first began in 2005 and was later rebooted in 2015 where it took the world by storm and has been a sensation ever since, growing more popular every year.

In 2019, it doesn’t seem as if the hype is going to stop any time soon. The end of series four showed that the views had increased from the previous year by over one million, with a total of 3.6 million viewers watching the show. This marks the biggest audience that ITV2 has ever had. Which of course is why the series is back and bigger than ever.

But what is Love Island? What does it do and why is everybody so obsessed with it?

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The series is a reality series that shows 11 single people who are all hoping to find ‘the one’ on a ‘Love Island’. For the final couple, there is also a £50,000 prize waiting at the end for them if they don’t leave the Island. They can either be voted off by the other contestants if they dn’t find a match or they can be voted off by the audience. The presenter for the series is Caroline Flack who appears every now and then to keep a track of what is happening for the Islanders and what’s going on inside their heads. Every so often, they have to ‘couple up’ which means they choose someone that they want to be coupled with.

The original 11 singletons aren’t the only contestants, however. During the series, people are added to the show and they can also be involved in the couple-ing up process. Every week, someone is kicked off the show if they aren’t matched with someone else and they are sent packing – without love or money. When the eight weeks is up, the audience will pick who wins the show by public vote. The couple that win can therefore choose whether they’ll share the prize or keep it to themselves.

The show is on every night (aside from Saturday) at 9pm from the 3rd of June for eight weeks, meaning the finale will air on the 29th of July.

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So, who are the contestants?

There’s not much that you have to have about you to become a contestant on Love Island – you just have to be tanned, beautiful and eager to find love.


  1. Joe. Joe is a sandwich expert who used to play rugby on a semi-professional level. “For me, [dating is] just more how we click -whether she’s fun, outgoing, doesn’t take herself too seriously and is open to talking about things. I’m looking for a connection. Obviously initial attraction is key but the connection is the main go-to.”
  2. Lucie. Lucie is a tomboy surfer who enjoys sports such as motocross, boxing and snowboarding. “I love the honeymoon stage [of dating] and being all excitable but then you just relax and I get bored… next!”
  3. Anton. Anton is a Scottish gym-owner who has the tendancy to overthink and be ‘a bit moody’. When asked about his ideal girl, he says, “She has to be hardworking and good looking. Blonde hair is usually my type. They have to be into the gym because it’s such a big part of my life, so it’s important that it’s a big part of their life as well.”
  4. Callum. Callum is an aircraft engineer who is firmly against cheaters, doesn’t like Tinder but loves Michael Buble. “I like blonde and petite girls. Personality, I just like girls that let me be myself. As long as they like me for me. Of course I’ve got to enjoy their personality too.”
  5. Anna. Anna has just graduated with a Masters degree and is looking for someone who is loyal. “The right guy will want me without me having to go far for him. Once I’ve got the guy and he likes me, I’ll go far to make him happy.”
  6. Sherif. Sherif is a chef and another semi-professional rugby player. Of his dream girl, he says, “She needs to be able to hold a conversation. I feel that I make people laugh so I want a girl that makes me laugh, even if that’s just from being herself and not trying to be funny. A nice smile and nice teeth. And a nice bum! That’s one of my criteria.”
  7. Amy. Amy is an air hostess who is hoping to find someone like Liam Hemsworth on the island. “I’m going [to the island] to find ‘the one’ but I’m also going there to have an amazing summer and meet amazing friends as well.”
  8. Curtis. Curtis who is a professional dancer who has a famous brother, AJ Pritchard from Strictly Come Dancing. “I like blondes and an athletic body, not too fake and somebody that respects themselves. But if the complete opposite comes in and I fall madly in love with them then I’ve completely lied to you. Love is blind.”
  9. Michael. Michael is a firefighter who doesn’t like smelly people. He wants someone who is smart, can give a bit of banter and has ‘a nice bum.’
  10. Amber. Amber is a beauty therapist who isn’t afraid to tell everyone what she’s thinking. She wants someone who looks like the dashing Tom Hardy to couple up with.
  11. Tommy. Tommy is the brother of Tyson Fury and is also a professional boxer. “I want to end up with a girl where I look at her every morning and think ‘You are gorgeous, I’m so lucky.’ and if a thousand girls walked past, I don’t want to look at one of them.”

Who will be the one to find true love? Will anyone? All we know for certain is that there’s going to be a lot of texts exchanged and a lot of drama to follow!

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“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.” ― Erma Bombeck

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