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Peaky Blinders – Series 5 – Everything you need to know

Thu, February 28th, 2019

For the diehard fan, you’ll be aware series 5 is on its way pretty soon. The popularity of Peaky Blinders is increasing and even across the pond in the US the hype is building.

What is Peaky Blinders about?

For those who have sadly missed this show previously, there have been a cracking 4 series to date. Set in Birmingham during the post World War era it follows the Peaky Blinders gang, led by the highly ambitious and cunning boss Tommy Shelby (played by Cillian Murphy). They vie for power across the city, despite the attention they receive from law enforcement. The unrest in Brum is so severe that Winston Churchill sends Chief Inspector Major Chester Campbell (Sam Neill) from Belfast to suppress the uprising and restore order.

It’s fair to say the gang don’t seem overly concerned by the threat from the authorities, John Shelby states “We’re Peaky Blinders. We’re not scared of coppers. If they come for us, we’ll cut ‘em a smile each.”

When is Peaky Blinders back on TV?

It’s still not confirmed exactly when the show will air but we do know series 5 will premier sometime in 2019.

It is most likely the new series will appear in Spring or Summer 2019, but not on BBC2 as previously viewed, the show has been moved to BBC1 to expose it to a much wider audience. The BBC have reported they were extremely pleased the numbers of young people watching the show had grown and the move to mainstream feeds this trend.

The Instagram account of Cillian Murphy revealed to fans in September 2018 a series of images which showed the cast filming on the streets of Birmingham.

Steven Knight has been working hard to bring a fantastic 5th series of his epic gangster family drama to life after leaving things perfectly poised at the end of the 4th series. The cementing of the Shelby family’s power as Tommy is elected as MP for Birmingham South seemed to assure their dominance. However, the increasingly fragile state of Tommy’s mind in the new series offers a potential unravelling of the empire.

peaky blinders so far


What happened in the last series?

Each of the previous series has gone out with an epic bang, in the first series Major Campbell and Grace had a showdown, the second series hosts a tense meeting at Epsom, whereas in the third series there are the mass arrests. It was only fitting series 4 followed suit, and it didn’t disappoint. However, the climax came around two thirds of the way through the final episode when Alfie Solomons and Tommy Shelby kept their promised meeting in Margate, from which only one would emerge.

The ending was arguably inevitable and many could probably foresee Alfie losing the fight, his body riddled with cancer he bleeds out with only his dog Cyril for comfort.

Go behind the scenes of the famous shootout in this excellent YouTube video:

The incident offers further fuel to the fire that Tommy is not impervious to the actions and consequences of what he does, combining Alfie’s death with the end of Changretta’s vendetta and time off, he spirals downwards, gin his only company. It takes the efforts of Polly to pull the alpha male from his slump.

The end of the episode then witnesses Tommy celebrating his election as the Labour candidate for Birmingham South, he wins by a landslide, but despite his apparent fragile mind, he shows his ruthlessness as he uses Jessie and casts her off once she has served her purpose.

Two different sides are shown of the gang leader, leaving us wondering which side will emerge fully in series 5?

Which cast members will be returning?

Of course, Cillian Murphy will be back as Tommy, accompanied by Paul Anderson playing Arthur Shelby, Helen McCrory as Polly Gray, Sophie Rundle as Ada Thorne and Finn Cole as Michael Gray. Aiden Gillen also returns as the brilliantly named, Aberama Gold.

The eagle eyed amongst you will notice a big absence – Tom Hardy is no longer in the show, he will be sorely missed. His excellent portrayal of historic characters is well documented as has been seen in the early series of Peaky Blinders as well as BBC1’s Taboo, and the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Dunkirk’. As a last sentiment here are 5 Top Alfie Solomons Quotes:

  1. He’ll wake up. Granted he won’t have any teeth left but he will be a wiser man for it.
  2. Intelligence is a very valuable thing, innit, my friend? And usually it comes far too fucking late.
  3. The problem, right, between rum and gin, is that gin, right, it leads to the melancholy. Whereas rum incites violence, it also allows you to be liberated from your self-doubt.
  4. Never give power to the big man.
  5. Every man, he craves certainty.

Whilst fans may be disappointed with this news there are a raft of new characters and stars appearing. In series five there will be appearances from Hollyoaks actor Emmett J Scanlan, Hunger Games star Sam Claflin and Lady MacBeth’s Cosmo Jarvis. But that’s not all, there is also Ripper Street’s Charlene McKenna, A Very English Scandals Daryl McCormack, The Cry’s Kate Dickie, The Bisexual’s Brian Gleeson and The Handmaid’s Tale’s Anya Taylor-Joy.

peaky blinders series 5


What can we expect in the new series?

With the Shelby clan grasping an enormous amount of power politically as Tommy is elected, it appears that it is to become a family affair as Paul Anderson reveals his character Arthur makes some parliamentary connections. There is no aspiration to use their positions for good though, it is merely a conduit for them to further manipulate and control their surroundings.

Despite the power grab, everything is not clear cut as Tommy’s mental health and demons from the trauma and post-traumatic stress of what he saw in the First World War continue to haunt him. Here we list five of his top quotes, perhaps they offer an insight into his mind?

  1. I learnt long ago to hate my enemies, but I’ve never loved one before.
  2. The one minute. The soldier’s minute. In a battle, that’s all you get. One minute of everything at once. And anything before is nothing. Everything after, nothing. Nothing in comparison to that one minute.
  3. I can charm dogs. Gypsy witchcraft. And those I can’t charm I can kill with my own hands.
  4. Whiskey is good proofing water. It tells you who’s real and who isn’t.
  5. All religion is a foolish answer to a foolish question.

The shows creator has also indicated he would like to explore the growth of fascism which emerged in the 1930’s. It will be interesting to see how that ties in with the working classes of Birmingham.

Will there be a Peaky Blinders Movie?

A Peaky Blinders movie? It looks a real possibility. The success of the series has ensured at least series 5 and 6 will be made after the programme scooped a BAFTA for Best Drama Series. As previously mentioned the show has also been a huge hit in the US and it is also popular elsewhere overseas. Stephen Knight has also been very open to suggestions of a movie and would like to look at the idea.

How can I watch Peaky Blinders?

With TVMucho you can watch the new series of Peaky Blinders anywhere in the world when it airs. With fast streams, superior picture and sound quality and low cost subscription options TVMucho lets you watch all your favourite TV show and movies from anywhere, on any device.

“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.” ― Erma Bombeck

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