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Mon, March 12th, 2018

Saving the British Bulldog

Wednesday 14th March – 9pm, BBC One

Catherine Tate is a UK comedienne famous for her characters such as Lauren Cooper ‘Am I bovvered?’ and the foul mouthed Nan Joannie Taylor.  Both of the aforementioned characters were popular parts of the Catherine Tate Show. What many won’t be aware of is that the star is also a huge animal lover.

After a few years away from our screens, Tate returns to address a more serious subject matter: the plight of the British Bulldog.

As one of the most popular dog breeds in the UK demand for the breed has skyrocketed in recent years with many families wanting the lovable animals as pets.

Dog Smuggling

Some figures show demand has quadrupled over the past 15 years, and as a result a trade of smuggling them into the UK has emerged in Eastern European countries.

The sad reality of the situation, as Catherine soon finds out, is that the smugglers have little concern for the health of the dogs they bring illegally into Britain.

There should be concern for the animal’s health, because this breed is blighted with in-bred health defects.

The ailments common to the British Bulldog breed include spinal disease, respiratory problems, and joint problems.

Catherine takes a serious and sincere look at the issues, talking to the Kennel Club, vets, breeders and owners. She uncovers astonishing facts including that 86% of British Bulldogs have to give birth by caesarean section as a result of the body shape that has been deliberately contrived by breeding.

Is there anything that can be done to improve the quality of life for the dogs, without the need for such invasive surgery? What is causing the bulldog’s problems?  The programme studies new scientific research and controversial suggestions on how to save the breed.

Judging by the opinions of the dedicated bulldog owners she meets, there seems little appetite to change how the dogs are bred in order to improve their health.

When is Saving the British Bulldog on TVMucho?

Saving The British Bulldog will be on TVMucho this week and airs on Wednesday 14th March at 9pm on BBC One,


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