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Stabbed: Britain’s Knife Crime Crisis

Stabbed: Britain’s Knife Crime Crisis

Tue, March 19th, 2019

Thursday 9pm – 10pm, BBC1

Theresa May and Sajid Javid both regularly find themselves at the centre of criticism for the dramatic increase in knife attacks in the UK, this is particularly true for the nation’s capital. It is the young who are falling victim and for the year ending June 2018 crimes utilising knives or sharp objects rose to approximately 40000, this resulted in the deaths of 103 people under the age of 24 – almost double the number of victims from 2012. In the first 3 months of 2019 there have already been over 20 murders by knives, with many victims under the age of 20, including a completely innocent 17 year old girl in Romford and two 17 year old boys in Manchester.

Theresa May faces a backlash over her role in the crisis, consistent police cuts have lead to less police numbers and the correlation is striking, yet the government seem helpless in tackling the situation effectively, reports of a stabbing appears almost a daily occurrence in the national media.

While the government may get the firm blame, others also look to address the issue of where attackers, predominant young males, get their knives – supermarkets have taken much criticism which has promoted ASDA to start banning the sale of single knives.

This documentary addresses all of these points, using first hand experience from Duwayne Brooks – twenty six years ago he was stood at a bus stop with his friend Stephen Lawrence in Eltham, south east London when a racist gang brutally stabbed Stephen to death. He is still haunted and deeply affected by the event he witnessed and wants to show the British public the impact knife crime is having on the nation. He meets with victims families and friends and shares the grief and loss they face, he also meets perpetrators in an attempt to understand why they carry the weapons and what has turned them to knife crime.

Duwayne also explores what is being done to tackle this issue, using the experience to come to terms with his own trauma and experience.

An eye opening and heart-wrenching look into the issue which is gripping the country, demonstrating not only issues within policing and the government, but the multicultural issues that arise across the capital.


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