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Suicidal: In Our Own Words

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Mon, September 9th, 2019

Tuesday 9.15pm – 10.45pm, Channel 5

Tragically, suicide is far more common than people may think. The last global data produced by the World Health Organization in 2016 estimated that there were around 793000 suicide deaths worldwide, most of them were men. The government claims the male suicide rate is at its lowest since 1981 – at 15.5 deaths per 100000, but suicide remains the single biggest killer of men unde the age of 45. There is a large gender split to consider too, women in the UK have a rate of 4.9 suicides per 100000.

It does appear that while social media and various groups are waking up to the fact there is a serious problem with men’s suicide, it can be argued the government doesn’t seem to be doing as much as they could. Look at Armed Forces Veterans for example, globally they are recognised as being at extremely high risk and countries such as the USA, Canada and Australia take care of their veterans, monitoring their welfare and trying to understand what puts them at risk of suicide. In the UK, these personnel are left to seek out help from charities, it is estimated that there is an 8 in 100000 risk of UK Armed Forces Veterans committing suicide.

Looking at the startling fact that men are three times more likely than women to commit suicide, Channel 5 addresses the issue, bringing to the screen the factors involved behind the shocking statistics. They take it further, hinting that perhaps there is a wider crisis in men’s sense of purpose, and in some cases, pride. But on a far more personal level it speaks in depth with 6 patients at the Riverside Mental Health Unit in Hillingdon London, all of whom have attempted to take their own lives, some on several occasions. We hear what has driven these men to the brink of death, from isolation, bereavement, bullying, trauma and the struggle to change. The documentary attempts to bring a better sense of understanding of how it feels to want to kill yourself. We meet 19 year old Jack who has made three attempts on his own life, struggling to come to terms with the loss of his parents, he feels lost and doesn’t want to spend his life feeling that way.

It’s a harsh reality and a taboo subject in which many find difficult to talk about, but gives the audience an understanding of the pain people suffer from.

If you need to talk anytime, or are affected by the subject then please contact Befrienders Worldwide, or the Samaritans.


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