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The Big Fat Lies About Diet & Exercise

Mon, December 31st, 2018

Wednesday 9pm – 11.05pm, Channel 5

With a New Year upon us and many declaring their New Years Resolution, some may be seeking to get a bit healthier or burn off some of the calories consumed over the Christmas period. Not many days go by without various newspaper stories or chat shows plighting the nation with stories of the country being unhealthy or a strain on the NHS. It is easy to see the appeal of luring people into the world of supplements, diets, gyms or other fads, the U.K. diet and fitness industry is worth a staggering £6 billion per annum and many operators and manufacturers are trying to take their share of the profits.

Experts have been telling the public for years to exercise more, eat less, take vitamins and supplements and eat more polyunsaturated fats. Many have wilfully followed without a second thought about the advice. Well all that is starting to change. Some experts are claiming that polyunsaturated fat causes cancer and when mixed with sugar can lead to heart disease.

Exploring these concerns and the truth behind diet and exercise, this documentary looks at the pitfalls that trying to lead a more healthy lifestyle can cause, from the danger and drawbacks of crash dieting to the unexpected side effects and sometimes devastating impact of too much exercise.

Produced and directed by Sarah Lavis the programme draws on a wealth of experience, featuring expert contributions from psychologists, fitness trainers, GPs, nutritionists, cardiologists and dieticians. Each contributor offers their advice, which includes the health benefits of fat and carbohydrates, the hazardous nature of diet pills, the addiction of sugar and the unexpected impact of eating too many bananas!

The panel of experts in the programme offer a new perspective on the whole diet and exercise picture, it will certainly make you think twice about the different advertising used for the various services and products offered. It really will open your eyes to the big fat lies!


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