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The Split – Everything you need to know

Tuesday - 9pm - 10pm, BBC One

Mon, February 17th, 2020

The Split season 2 is just underway with the juicy storylines back on our screens. It’s been two years since the first series aired.

The show is based around the lives of a family of divorce lawyers and the clients they work with. Popular stars Stephen Mangan and Nicola Walker play the lead roles.

Nicola Walker is an English actress well known and much loved for her starring roles in various shows including the BBC spy drama Spooks.  Stephen Mangan is another well-known face having played Guy Secretan in Green Wing and appearing in I’m Alan Partridge, amongst many other shows and movies.

Series one of the show certainly had a large number of fans, attracted by the dramatic storylines, twists, and plots filled with affairs, divorce, and pregnancies.

It could be said that you either love The Split or take a strong dislike to it with many on social media saying they loved the show or found some of the characters unlikeable, but when they are regularly conducting affairs and portraying questionable behavior perhaps that is not too surprising.

At the start of series 2, a death in the family brings everyone back together. At first glance, it seems as though Hannah’s marriage is back on the right path, but it transpires she has begun a dangerous affair with work partner Christie.

Elsewhere Zander returns from States, bringing along a new addition to the team that doesn’t make everyone feel comfortable. Nathan takes on a protegee at work while the law firm accepts two new clients including a man that wants to finalise a divorce before he dies.

Later, Hannah’s double life starts to catch up with her as Nathan continues to get more suspicious, especially of her dealings with Christie.

At home, Hannah’s children need her help and support more than ever before, but the levels of deception are making this challenging too.

Things go from bad to worse as she faces a media storm at work, whilst also offering up advice to Fi on her marriage breakdown.

Hannah also has to deal with a divorce petition for the wife of a romantic novelist, while, Rose deals with the devastation of her miscarriage, and Nina accepts her surprise pregnancy.

Hannah’s affair is an increasing source of stress as creepy Christie won’t stop stalking her at work, calling her at home, sending her flowers, and, worst of all, plastering sticky notes on her computer.

The Split continues on BBC 1, Tuesday evenings at 8pm.

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