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TVMucho – Top ten shows March 23 – 30

What TV should you watch online this week?

Fri, March 23rd, 2018

TVMucho brings you the best in free to view TV channels, and this week, like always, there is a ton of great TV available to watch online.  Here are our top shows to watch online this week. Happy viewing!

Britain’s Favourite Food

Friday  8pm – 9pm, Channel 4

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Remember Angel Delight? This programme takes a look at past classic foods enjoyed by the nation in Britain.

Presented by chef Simon Rimmer, this hour long show takes a look at some of the most memorable tastes of the 1970s.

We hear from food industry professionals who helped shape some of the taste trends of the era, including a woman who launched chicken kievs in Marks & Spencer and in the process helped change the attitude to garlic in Britain.

We also hear from the founder of Bejam, a frozen food giant and part of the frozen food revolution.

There’s also a look at the classic summer of ’79 with ice lollies including Fab and Zoom.

Watch it live or on demand on TVMucho.


Better Than the Original: The Joy of the Cover Version

Friday 9pm – 10pm, BBC Four

How do you feel about cover versions? Maybe an artist had murdered a cover of your favourite song and you can never forgive them. Often seen as inferior and rip offs designed to fill an album or create a quick profit, this programme takes a look at another side of the music industry cover version.

In the hunt for renditions that are better than the original the programme features contributions from John Cale, Rick Rubin and Faith Evans.  Famous songs discussed include The House of the Rising Sun and Tainted Love, while the show also tracks how artists such as Puff Daddy, Soft Cell, The Moody Blues and Alexandra Burke have benefited from covering other people’s classics.


Most Haunted

Friday 10pm – 11pm, Really


The team of ghost hunters continue an investigation into the Moat House in Tamworth. Presenter Yvette Fielding and her crew, tell the tale of a strange doll and mysterious flying objects. Is there a rational explanation or is paranormal activity the cause of the odd going ons?

Find out for yourself on TVMucho. Most Haunted is available to watch live of catch on-demand.


Guardians of the Galaxy

Saturday 10:30pm – 12:25am, BBC One

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This Disney made blockbuster provides 115 minutes of pure joy.

An all-star cast present a kid-friendly and adult pleasing sci-fi adventure through space, all based on Marvel’s original comic.

Chris Pratt leads the cast as Peter Quill, wisecracking his way around the Galaxy before stealing a coveted orb with mystical powers.

There’s plenty of action, laughs and light-hearted moments. Also stars Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana.

Watch online with TVMucho!


King Tut’s Treasure Secrets

New Secrets of the Warrior King

Saturday 9pm – 9:55pm, Channel 5

This new series will appeal to history buffs and those fascinated by ancient Egypt.

The documentary examines the thousands of items found in the tomb of the boy pharaoh – King Tutankhamun.

In the decades following the discovery of the tomb in 1922, many items buried with the king have disappeared into museum archives and basements around Egypt. The programme takes a look as now all 5398 artefacts are reunited for the first time.


Britain at Low Tide

Saturday 8pm – 9pm, Channel 4

Tori Herridge and her team visit Yorkshire looking at the historic seaside towns of Whitby and Scarborough.

She recounts the story behind a dramatic night in 1976 when a fishing vessel went off course and wound up running aground in Whitby. The wreckage is still visible to this day at Saltwick Bay, and serves as a permanent reminder of a tragedy that killed 3 men.

Elsewhere she learns the strange tale that led 2 ships built in Hull to end up in Peru at the top of a mountain.


RAF at 100 with Ewan and Colin McGregor

Sunday 8:30pm – 10pm, BBC One

If you’re asking why the BBC chose actor Ewan McGregor and his brother to present a show looking at 100 years of the Royal Air Force, here’s a clue: Colin McGregor is a former pilot.

The show sets out to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the RAF, talking to service veterans including those who took part in the Battle of Britain.

The McGregor brothers also re-create some of the air forces most iconic missions and hear from former Spitfire pilots. There are also sentimental stories about those who lost their lives in service of the RAF and Great Britain, plus a trip to the skies in the very modern Typhoon fighter jet.


Reggie Yates: Searching for Grenfell’s Lost Lives

Sunday 9pm – 10pm, BBC Two

Presenter Reggie Yates looks at the tragic story of Grenfell, the tower block which caught fire and cost the lives of 71 people.

Reggie meets the families and friends of people who died to gain an insight into who they were as people.

The moving stories include a man who re-entered the burning tower to try and save his family.


Cop Car Workshop

Sunday 7pm – 8pm, Dave

Cop Car Workshop gives viewers a peek inside one of Britain’s leading police car workshops.

The car-mad team at Cheshire Police repair vehicles that have been damaged in the field, and builds custom rides for the police force, from boats, to cars and lorries.

In this episode, the team redesign the vehicles that transport the dog units by transforming a Ford Mondeo into a Dog Van.


Live Snooker: Players Championship

2018 Final: Afternoon Session

Sunday 12:45pm – 5:15pm, ITV4

Watch live snooker from the Players Championship on day 7.

Coverage includes the opening session of the tournament final from Cymru in Llandudno.

Played over the best of 19 frames there’s sure to be drama, twists and turns, with hopes it can live it to the excitement of previous tournament finales.

Presented by Jill Douglas, with analysis by Alan McManus.

Tune in and watch online with TVMucho.


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