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TVMucho – Top ten shows of the week June 11 -18

What are our TV picks of the week? 

Mon, June 11th, 2018

TVMucho is the perfect solution for expats and travellers abroad looking for UK TV on demand. What are our TV picks of the week ? Read on to find out our top TV picks for the next 7 days.

Fight Like a Girl

Monday 7.30pm – 8pm, BBC1

Narrated by Edith Bowman, this documentary follows 26 year old Ayrshire woman Kimberley Benson. Kimberley leads a double life, working in the family coach business by day but out of work she transforms into leading wrestler, Viper.

The programme follows Kimberley competing in a series of top level, high pressure matches that pits her against the best in the world. The first match we see Viper feature in is the battle for the Scottish Championship in Glasgow, we then follow her all the way to Japan where she lays everything on the line in a battle for the World Championship.


24 Hours in Police Custody

Monday 9pm – 10pm, Channel 4

Police respond to a call from a woman in a block of flats, as they slowly advance down the corridor a bloody handprint is clearly visible on the wall. The flat the enter is empty but the police suspect a well known man to them is behind the attack and has already fled the scene. Cameras follow the investigation through Bedfordshire which becomes disturbing and ends with a twist.


The Secret Life of Owls

Tuesday 7pm – 8pm, Channel 5

There are 5 British species of owl and an abandoned first world war airfield in rural Essex that has not been disturbed for over 100 years provides the perfect habitat for them. Cameras have been rigged up on the old airfield in nest boxes and an abandoned barn to follow the lives of the owls through winter, spring and summer. We follow an inseparable pair of little owls called Geronimo and Flo, as well as a remarkable barn owl called Missing claw.


Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport

Wednesday 8pm – 8.30pm, ITV

Last in the series of the weekly insight into Britain’s busiest airport, London’s Heathrow. A special visitor leaves buggy driver Carlo starstruck in Terminal 5. The Border Force undergo a serious search for some dirty money so bring in the hounds, meanwhile British Airways operate a new robot on the airfield.


How to Start an Airline

Wednesday 10.30pm – 11.35pm, Channel 4

If you have millions, buying an aeroplane is easy, however, British Muslim entrepreneur Kazi Shafiqur Rahman learns that navigating the minefield that is aviation regulation is no easy fete by any means. Kazi has worked every job imaginable in London’s City Airport, including cleaning the aeroplane toilets, but this savvy businessman made a fortune importing perfume from the Middle East and now ventures on his life’s ambition, setting up his own sharia-compliant airline, one that complies with the teachings of Islam, has modestly dressed cabin crew and is completely alcohol free.

Kazi’s unorthodox approach to business may make others wince but you cannot do anything but admire his enthusiasm and perseverance.


Starship Troopers

Thursday 9pm – 11.30pm, Sony Movies

A modern adaptation of Robert A Heinlein’s 1959 novel starring Denise Richards, Casper Van Dien and Dina Meyer. Courageous troops from Earth hurl themselves in the desperate battle against alien bugs to save the earth from certain annihilation, completely unawares of the carnage and devastation that awaits them.

Directed by Paul Verhoeven.


The Wolf of Wall Street

Friday 11.40pm – 2.50am, Channel 4

Martin Scorsese’s smash hit, fact based drama about the rise from unemployment to multi millionaire by a New York Stockbroker. Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) rises to become one of New York’s wealthiest men through an illegal scheme which defrauds investors. Belford’s wealth brings him unparalleled debauchery and luxury, but it comes at a price when the FBI become increasingly suspicious of his stock market manipulation.

Also stars Margot Robbie, Jonah Hill and Matthew McConaughey.


Earth: One Amazing Day

Saturday 6.30pm – 8pm, BBC2

Feature length documentary brought to you by the team that made the award winning David Attenborough documentaries, Blue Planet and Planet Earth. Following life on earth for one single day, the programme charts the journey’s of many different characters, including a death defying penguin that faces a treacherous commute to feed its family, a baby zebra who struggles to cross a dangerous river, a sloth on the lookout for a partner and some love  and a family of sperm whales who sleep vertically in the water.

Robert Redford narrates this wonderful insight.


Tha Mamma Mia Story

Sunday 9pm – 10.25pm, Channel 5

It’s hard not to sing along with an Abba hit and with the Mamma Mia sequel due in a few weeks time Abba fever is growing. This documentary goes back to where it all began and starts with the hit stage show and its alluring appeal, debuting in 1999, before moving onto the 2008 worldwide phenomenon film starring Meryl Streep, Anna Seyfried, Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth to name a few.

The documentary features musicologists, celebrity fans, key cast members, critics and writer, Catherine Johnson.


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