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Watch Blue Planet II Online on Catch Up TV

The World of Hidden Beauties

, December 17th, 2017

Blue Planet II Season 1 finished two weeks ago but you can still Watch Blue Planet II Online on BBC One HD on our Catch Up TV. Currently, the last episode is airing but reruns of the show are bound to happen again quite soon as the show became the most viewed programme in 2017.


Blue Planet II – Our Blue Planet

David Attenborough shared a beautiful message for World Oceans day saying: “Nowhere is more powerful and unforgiving, yet more beautiful and endlessly fascinating than the ocean.” The message served as an opening of the United Nations Ocean Conference. What Sir Attenborough is trying to tell us is that we have taken our oceans and the environment for granted, constantly pushing the limits and polluting the world that gives us life. The Earth is responding back to us quite subtly through global warming and the rising of the level of oceans. Furthermore, as oceans are getting warmer, the climate shall shift. Who knows what unforeseen consequences lay in front of us in the future. You should watch Blue Planet II online in order to strengthen your knowledge and raise awareness.


Get Involved – A Call to Change the Future

BBC Earth has created a program called “Get Involved” for those who were touched by the Blue Planet II series. They state that every little action does make a difference. You can contribute by joining a beach cleanup that is organized by local communities throughout the world. To find cleanup locations go to the Ocean Conservancy website to find an appropriate location. After that, check with local communities in those areas on joining instructions. You can also contribute by being mindful of what you eat. Check the Marine Conservation Society to see whether the fish you are eating is sustainably caught.


The problem of plastic is also an imminent danger. Small plastic pieces don’t disintegrate, instead, they are broken into smaller pieces and ingested by birds and fish. Thus, they are entering the food chain and have fatal effects. Most noted ones are the failure of reproductive organs and various tumours. Since these minor plastic pieces are not biodegradable; they end up in organisms of bigger fish and whales. This leads to mortality and various other problems. If you want to help, try using less plastic and more paper bags. As you can see in the metaphorical image below, the problem of plastic is quite serious.


Watch Blue Planet II Online


Watch Blue Planet II Online on all your Devices

You can Watch Blue Planet II Online on all your devices on BBC One HD. Currently, on Catch Up TV, episode 7 is still available. BBC Two is also airing Blue Planet and reruns of the show are quite possible for near future since it is the most watched show in 2017.


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Comment on the post and share it to increase awareness and the need to stop the pollution and Watch Blue Planet II Online. Also, read our Blue Planet II review to Catch Up on the things you missed and the amazing discoveries that occurred throughout these series.

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