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TVMucho – Top ten shows of the week July 22 – 28

What are our TV picks of the week?

Mon, July 22nd, 2019

TVMucho is the perfect solution for expats and travellers abroad looking for UK TV on demand. What are our TV picks of the week ? Read on to find out our top TV picks for the next 7 days.

America’s Abortion War – Panorama

Monday 8.30pm – 9pm, BBC1

Travelling to the US, Hilary Andersson reports from the Deep South – the battleground over abortion rights for women. Currently, 12 US states in the region are pushing through new laws which challenge a woman’s right to choose  whether she has a termination or not. In Alabama, Andersson visits one of the last abortion clinics and speaks with both doctors and patients about what the law, and subsequent ban, will mean to them. She also meets campaigners vigourously opposed to abortion and believe it is evil. To hear the opposing side, Andersson then heads North and hears from those determined to protect what they see as a constitutional right, we also hear from a practitioner who will carry out terminations in the third trimester.


The 250 Million Pound Cancer Cure

Monday 9pm – 10.30pm, BBC2

Whilst it is one of the most expensive, Proton beam therapy is one of the most technologically advanced treatments in the fight against cancer. It is so good at fighting cancer cells it has the potential to cure children of what was previously believed to be incurable forms of the disease. This programme follows the huge projects at University College Hospital London and Christie Hospital Manchester as teams of engineers, scientists and medics race to build two new proton beam therapy centres. We also meet the first children who will take part in the lifesaving treatments.


Inside the Factory

Tuesday 8pm – 9pm, BBC2

Gregg Wallace takes us on a journey through an enormous coffee factory in Derbyshire which produces an incredible 175000 jars of instant coffee a day! He witnesses the production, from the arrival of 27 tonnes of green Brazilian coffee beans right through roasting, freezing and packing. Historian Ruth Goodman leads us through the history of coffee and visits the site of the UK’s very first coffee house in London, meanwhile, Cherry Healey learns about the chemistry of the drink.


How the Middle Class Ruined Britain

Tuesday 9pm – 10pm, BBC2

Geoff Norcott – notorious leave-voting comedian and working class Tory embarks on a mission to demonstrate and expose the hypocrisy of the middle class in the UK. He looks at the effect they have on politics, education, gentrification and even dating.


Animal Babies: First Year on Earth

Wednesday 9pm – 10pm, Channel 4

This new series follows six baby animals as they embark on a journey through life and learn the skills they need to survive their first year on earth. A Ugandan eight week old mountain gorilla learns to adapt to forest life, in Sri Lanka, Jazir the one week old primate quickly has to learn primate rules of life and in Kenya, elephant calf Safina has to learn to move quickly to keep up with the herd. In the Arctic, five week old fox cubs quickly need to learn how to hunt in order to beat siblings to food.


Ross Kemp Living with Homelessness

Thursday 7.30pm – 8pm, ITV

Since he left Grant Mitchell behind, Ross Kemp has made some very impressive and interesting documentaries as he travels the world. From meeting some of the world’s most notorious gangs to joining British troops on the ground in Afghanistan, he is used to difficult situations. Yet in this four part documentary he turns a bit closer to home and explores topics in Britain, beginning with homelessness. Travelling to Cardiff, he meets rough sleepers on the coldest night of the year, listening to their stories and hearing how homelessness has torn families apart. He also investigates what the government is doing about the problem and whether they actually understand the scale.


BBC Proms: Schumann, Schoenberg and Mozart

Friday 7.30pm – 10pm, BBC4

The evening’s performance from the Royal Albert Hall is presented by Suzy Klein and features some exquisite musical game-changers. Omer Meir Wellber performs with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra in his proms debut, South Korean pianist Yoel Eum Son performs Mozart’s 15th Piano Concerto alongside Israeli composer Ben-Haim’s first Symphony, Schoenberg’s Five pieces for orchestra, and Robert Schumann’s fourth Symphony.


Live Challenge Cup Rugby League

Saturday 4pm – 6.30pm, BBC2

Kick off 4.30pm. Live from the University of Bolton stadium comes the second semi final action between St Helens and Halifax RLFC. Tanya Arnold presents as Halifax set out to cause a huge upset against their Super League rivals. It’s been 13 years since a Championship side made it this far and St Helens will not want to be on the wrong end of the result. Commentary comes from Matt Newsum.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Out of the Shadows

Saturday 9.30pm – 11.50pm, Channel 4

The quartet of sewer selling action heroes set out to defeat their arch enemy Shredder after he returns from another dimension – making a deal with an alien warlord in the process. The villain, accompanied by his two mutant henchmen, seeks out a device which will allow his new ally the ability to launch an invasion on Earth. Stars Stephen Amell, Megan Fox and Will Arnett.


The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan

Sunday 9pm – 10pm, BBC2

Comedian and former maths teacher Romesh Ranganathan travels around the globe and visits countries rarely visited by tourists. He explores their culture and seeks to understand whether these places deserve their reputation.


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