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What’s on UK TV this weekend

And what can you Catch Up on!

Sat, September 30th, 2017

TVMucho has compiled the best of UK TV this weekend for you to check it out.


UK TV on Saturday 30th September

Strictly Come Dancing –  BBC One, 18:45

Strictly Come Dancing is back. The competition will impress the judges and the viewers too, but the first couple of characters will be voted off by the viewers tomorrow evening.

Strictly Come Dancing


The X Factor: Boot Camp – ITV, 20:00

The auditions are over, and Boot Camp is starting! The next step is to pass through to the dreaded Six Chair Challenge and the only way to get there is by impressing judges Simon, Nicole, Sharon, and Louis. That is not going to be an easy task.

Now You See Me (2013) – Channel 4, 21:00

For those who like magicians and fun, this is a must see! A group of illusionists (Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson, and Dave Franco) get together by a mysterious figure and carry out a string of heists while remaining one step ahead off the FBI agent Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) who desperately tries to capture them.

Transcendence (2014) – Channel 4, 23:15

This is a carefully crafted movie. Will and Evelyn Caster (Johnny Depp and Rebecca Hall) are married artificial-intelligence scientists and they are fighting for a better world. Once Will gets shot, his wife and friend download his brain patterns to a hard drive to try and keep him alive. The movie is also co-starring Cillian Murphy and Morgan Freeman and has been disputed by some as having a weak story, but it is exactly the opposite, the moral of the story is quite touching, and for those who like philosophy and those who believe in the better tomorrow, this is a must see.


UK TV on Sunday 1st October

The Last Post – BBC One, 21:00

The Last Post is an intriguing six-part drama set in the mid-Sixties conflict in the British Crown Colony of Aden that was located on the southern Arabian peninsula. Alison (Jessica Raine) is a bad-girl, drunken, unhappy and unfaithful wife of the military policeman Lieutenant Ed Laithwaite (Stephen Campbell Moore). The drama series managed to convey the atmosphere of heat and dust and the day-to-day life of the military wives on the Royal Military Police base. The opening episode starts with the arrival of newlyweds Captain Joe Martin (Jeremy Neumark Jones) and his wise Honor (Jessie Buckley). Ed Laithwaite learns that an attack on the base is imminent. His commanding officer, Major Markham (Ben Miles) doesn’t take the warnings serious. It is an unpredictable show, and you will never guess what happens next.

The Last Post

Live NFL: New Orleans Saints vs Miami Dolphins – BBC Two, 13:45

Last weekend, the Wembley Stadium hosted Jacksonville Jaguars’ and Baltimore Ravens. This week, Wembley is going to host one more great NFL game. The Dolphins will appear for the fourth time at the Wembley Stadium. The Saints will play their second game here. One thing is for certain, it will be a great match.

Escape – Channel 4, 20:00

Escape is a new series where five people are stranded in the middle of the desert after a plane crash. They only have one chance to survive and that is to create a new vehicle from the plane wreckage. And so, it begins.

Happy Feet (2006) – ITV2, 15:45

This is an entertaining and encouraging animation for which the Australian director George Miller won a Best Animated Feature Oscar. The story revolves around Mumble, a misfit emperor penguin (baby voice by Elizabeth Daily, and adult by Elijah Wood). He is causing his parents (Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman) a lot of concerns , unable to attract a mate. However, Mumble can tap-dance, and there lies his salvation. This is a beautiful animation perfect for family time.


Catch Up on UK TV – Friday 29th September

The Grahan Norton Show – BBC One, 22:35

The Graham Norton Show is the third from the top of the BBC’s published list of its highest earners and it comes back to the Friday evening schedule because Strictly Come Dancing and The X Factor are returning at the weekend nights. To understand the success that this show has, one can only look at the celebrities that attend it. In tonight’s show, Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling will be the guests of the show to discuss their new sci-fi movie Blade Runner 2049. Another celebrity that will appear in tonight’s show is Reese Witherspoon, and Margot Robbie, who is in Time magazine’s list of 2017’s most influential people.

Up in the Air (2009) – BBC One, 23:55

The director of Juno, Jason Reitman, comes back with a witty love story. Ryan (George Clooney) is a downsizing expert that flies around US and fires people. A graduate (Anna Kendrick) proposes to save on airfares by making the sacking via video. Ryan is not happy with this proposal as he likes to fly around and he also likes fellow flyer Alex (Vera Farmiga).

Up in the Air

Britan by Bike with Larry & George Lamb – Channel 5, 20:00

This is a new show where father and son team (George and Larry Lamb) take the two wheels for a trip around Britain’s best national park cycling routes. The start is in the Yorkshire Dales where they try the fly-fishing and rock climbing. Afterward, they tackle a section of the 2014 Tour de France route.


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