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How big TV corporates act unethically to forcibly shut other companies down.

June 16, 2023
How big TV corporates act unethically to forcibly shut other companies down.

In an era dominated by media giants and global corporations, the power wielded by these entities can sometimes be overwhelming. This article delves into the unethical actions of big TV corporations and their attempts to forcibly shut down smaller companies. A recent example involves Warner Brothers, which has employed an Indian company called Markscan to target TVMucho, bypassing any direct communication with the company. Additionally, the post highlights the unprofessional behavior of companies like Meta (formerly Facebook) and PayPal, who have cut off TVMucho’s access to their services without prior notice or the opportunity to present their case.

The unjust actions of Warner Brothers and Markscan.

In an alarming turn of events, Warner Brothers has chosen to employ the services of an Indian company called Markscan to target TVMucho. What makes this situation particularly disheartening is the fact that they have not reached out to TVMucho directly to discuss any concerns or address potential issues. Instead, they have taken the matter to Meta and PayPal directly, effectively bypassing any opportunity for open dialogue.

Lack of professionalism from Meta and PayPal.

The actions of Meta (Facebook) and PayPal in this situation are concerning. Without prior notice, they have removed TVMucho’s access to their services, leaving the company and its end users in a state of uncertainty. Social media platforms and groups that were previously established on Facebook and Instagram have vanished without any warning. This unprofessional behavior raises questions about the responsibility and accountability of these corporations.

Laws and the importance of due process.

One crucial aspect that big TV corporations seem to overlook is the fact that laws differ across regions and continents. Europe, where TVMucho operates, has different regulations regarding free-to-air TV. It is imperative for these large corporations to respect the rules of the regions they operate in and not arbitrarily shut down smaller companies without following proper legal processes.

TVMucho’s legal standing and right to present their case.

TVMucho maintains that its operations are fully legal, as demonstrated by the laws of Europe. The company has repeatedly attempted to provide legal documents to PayPal, Meta, and other entities to showcase their compliance. However, there has been no response or acknowledgement of the documents submitted. It is only fair and just that TVMucho be given the opportunity to present its case and demonstrate the legality of its services.

The importance of alternative payment solutions.

In response to PayPal’s actions, TVMucho has switched to Stripe as its payment platform. It is essential for users to consider using credit cards and debit cards as alternative payment methods, as TVMucho has never stored any credit card details and there are no inherent dangers in using such methods to pay for services.

TVMucho’s legitimate contribution to the expatriate community.

TVMucho has been serving expatriates for eight years now, offering a legal and convenient solution for accessing TV channels from their home countries. The company operates within the bounds of the law and possesses legal proof to support its claims. With a team of dedicated lawyers and employees, TVMucho is committed to upholding its legitimacy and continuing to provide its valuable services.

The unethical actions of big TV corporations pose a significant threat to smaller companies like TVMucho. The lack of communication, removal of access to essential services, and failure to acknowledge legal documents demonstrates a troubling trend. It is crucial for these corporations to recognize and respect the differences in laws between regions and to provide smaller companies with a fair chance to present their case. In supporting TVMucho through alternative payment methods like credit cards and debit cards, users can contribute to maintaining a fair and just environment for businesses to thrive.

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