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Protecting Free-To-Air TV: join the cause with The Free-To-Air Collective.

June 28, 2023
Protecting Free-To-Air TV: join the cause with The Free-To-Air Collective.

There’s nothing quite like watching your favorite TV shows from the comfort of your own home, especially when you’re living abroad. Thanks to TVMucho, you can enjoy Free-To-Air TV broadcasts from your home country while living or traveling abroad. However, the future of Free-To-Air TV is under threat, as some broadcasters see it as a challenge rather than a service to be cherished. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of Free-To-Air TV and how TVMucho, together with its charity partner, the Free-To-Air Collective, is working to protect your right to access public TV channels while abroad.

The significance of Free-To-Air TV.

Free-To-Air TV has long been a cherished way for people to stay connected to their home countries while living or traveling abroad. It allows individuals to enjoy familiar programming, news, and cultural content that reflects their language and heritage. Whether it’s catching up on local news, watching beloved shows, or staying connected to important events, Free-To-Air TV provides a valuable link to one’s home culture, no matter the distance.

The threat to Free-To-Air TV.

Despite the importance of Free-To-Air TV for individuals abroad, certain broadcasters are attempting to limit or eliminate this service. They view it as a potential threat, rather than recognizing its significance in fostering connections and preserving cultural ties. If these efforts are successful, they could deprive millions of people of the opportunity to access content that holds personal and cultural meaning to them.

Protecting your rights.

Thankfully, TVMucho is dedicated to safeguarding your right to access Free-To-Air TV while abroad. As a proud supporter of the Free-To-Air Collective, a Community Interest Company committed to promoting the use of Free-To-Air television, TVMucho is actively involved in protecting this essential service.

The Free-To-Air Collective not only provides valuable information about Free-To-Air TV but also works to advocate for its preservation. By signing up to become a member of the Free-To-Air Collective, you can join the fight to protect Free-To-Air TV and make your voice heard. Your support will contribute to raising awareness about the importance of this service and the need to preserve it for future generations.

How you can make a difference.

Signing up for the Free-To-Air Collective is a simple but powerful way to support the fight to protect Free-To-Air TV. By becoming a member, you become part of a community of individuals who understand the value of this service and want to ensure its longevity. Through collective action and raising awareness, we can demonstrate the demand for Free-To-Air TV and encourage broadcasters to recognize its importance.

Additionally, you can spread the word about the Free-To-Air Collective to your friends, family, and fellow expatriates. Encourage them to join the cause and share their own experiences with Free-To-Air TV. Together, we can make a difference and preserve the right to access our favorite TV shows and cultural content, no matter where we are in the world.


Free-To-Air TV plays a vital role in connecting individuals with their home cultures, even when they are abroad. TVMucho understands the significance of this service and has partnered with the Free-To-Air Collective to protect your right to access public TV channels while traveling or living outside your home country. By joining the Free-To-Air Collective, you can contribute to the fight to preserve this essential service and ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy the benefits of Free-To-Air TV. Let’s stand up for our right to stay connected and make a difference in safeguarding Free-To-Air TV.

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