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TVMucho & Pzaz

A New Chapter.
Countdown to Pzaz move:

What is Happening?

TVMucho is moving to Pzaz on Thursday 3rd June 2021. Described as the ‘All-in-one TV Super App’, Pzaz is just like Roku or Apple TV, but with a focus on independent TV.

Imagine being able to choose from hundreds of different TV channels in a storefront a bit like the App Store or Google Play, but without having to download separate apps for every channel you watch. That’s Pzaz. TVMucho will be one of many third-party content providers in Pzaz.

Why is TVMucho moving to Pzaz?

Pzaz is a media platform just like Roku or Apple TV. They specialize in making it effortless for service providers like TVMucho to delight their customers and deliver an exceptional TV experience.

The move to Pzaz means we can focus on what matters most, providing you with direct access to the satellite transmissions so you can watch the TV you love from home, abroad. Rest assured that nothing changes in the way our service is delivered to you.

TVMucho will now have access to Pzaz technology to continue to improve the TVMucho experience. Although nothing changes in the way the product looks and feels, there are many concrete benefits for you, our loyal customers. We have outlined some of these below.

What does this mean for me?

TVMucho is one of many independent content providers hosted in Pzaz. Once we’ve moved your TVMucho to Pzaz, you can add other channels to complement your TVMucho membership.

The Pzaz universe’s ever-expanding channel lineup means a greater choice of live channels, films, documentaries, sports and more for TVMucho members. Pzaz is on track to offer content from hundreds of providers over the course of 2021.

Some of the exciting features include a global TV guide and Partner apps that provide additional functionality, like Later, the cloud personal video recording service. Pzaz will soon offer global radio and music too, as well as apps for popular smart TVs (LG, Samsung) in the near future.

Learn more about Pzaz.

What do I need to do?

Not a lot. You can use TVMucho as per usual up until, and including, Thursday 3rd June 2021. Once TVMucho has moved to Pzaz, you’ll need to reactivate Later – the software that handles all your 7-day recordings. (Don’t worry, all your previous recordings are safe). All it takes is a click. You’ll be prompted to reactive Later via a popup the next time you go to schedule a recording.

What happens on moving day

Your TVMucho will move to Pzaz automatically on Thursday 3rd June 2021. The move won’t be instantaneous; your TVMucho will be moved over the course of the day. You’ll know your TVMucho has moved to Pzaz when you see a popup announcing the successful move.

Remember, TVMucho is here to stay;
same great service, channels and price, just hosted in Pzaz.

And should you need help or have any questions, our support team is on hand. Visit our help centre,
get in touch via live chat or email

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why is TVMucho moving to Pzaz?

TVMucho has joined forces with Pzaz so we can focus on what matters most; providing you with direct access to the satellite transmissions so you can watch the TV you love from home, abroad. Rest assured that nothing changes in the way our service is delivered to you.

Are there any changes to my membership?

No, your TVMucho membership is unaffected. There are no changes to features nor price. Even your billing date remains the same.

Will I have access to the same channels?

Absolutely. All 120+ TVMucho channels will be available. But you’ll also have access to new channels from third-party providers in Pzaz.

Do I need new login credentials?

No. Your TVMucho login works with Pzaz and its partners, like Later.

Can I still access my recordings?

Yes, your recordings are right where you left them in TVMucho. Find them under ‘MEDIA’ (desktop) or ‘RECORDINGS’ (mobile).

Do I need to download new apps?

Nope, your TVMucho apps work as normal, whether on mobile, tablet or TV. If you wish, you can also download the Pzaz app here.

Is Pzaz secure?

Absolutely, Pzaz specializes in providing an excellent service platform. It's safe and secure, and utilises technology from some of the world’s leading partners to deliver a perfect TV experience to you.

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