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Expats love TVMucho!

Are you an expat? ...or living abroad? Smile... because having relocated needn't mean leaving your favorite programs, shows, news and sports behind. Mucho TV that speaks your language with TV channels from anywhere in the world, direct on any Television.

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Channels from home.

Personally access your favorite FTA channels available from satellites all over the world. Top quality that auto-adjust itself to your device & Internet speed. TVMucho adapts to you with its TV guide and a 7 day PVR auto-record all so you can catch up and never miss a thing.

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Really, TV on anything? Download your app.

TV on your phone, tablet, PC/Mac, box, stick or TV.

Including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Web browsers (Chome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and others) Amazon Fire TV, Fling, Google ChromeCast, Roku (Beta), NVidia, Including Screen mirroring, Casting, Miracast, and Apple Airplay. Coming 2020: Samsung Smart TV (Tizen), LG Smart TV (WebOS), Apple TV (tvOS).


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Frequently Asked Questions

> Are there restrictions on how much TV I can watch?
Nope, there are no restrictions at all when you sign up for a paid account that starts as low as € 5,99 a month. You can watch as much TV as want, from anywhere in the world on any of your devices! We also offer a 1 hour a day, every day free forever account.
> Can you give me a list of your channel lineup?
Sure, check out our list of available channels here. Select the country you are interested in and a full list of available channels will be displayed. Note that we periodically add new channels to our service so you get access to even more great TV!
> What determines the TV Picture Quality?
The biggest thing that determines TV picture quality is your local internet connection. TVMucho works best with internet speeds of at least 2Mbps for standard definition and 5Mbps for high definition. If you have good internet speed but are still having issues with picture quality it could be that your connecting is not stable, e.g. due to interference with WiFi signals. One fix can be restarting your router to see if the problem resolves but make sure to contact us so we can help you find a solution.
> Do I need fast Internet? What if I have issues?
TVMucho can work even with the slowest broadband internet connection of 2Mbps or above and even with a 3G mobile connection as long as its stable. Today 4G and even the new 5G networks are more common in most places so you should get a good picture even when you are on the move. Contact us when you are experiencing any issues such as interruptions or buffering.
> What devices can I use?
TVMucho supports all major devices including phones and tablets on iOS and Android, desktop PCs with Windows, Mac or Linux, Chromecast, IPTV boxes or other streaming sticks or devices and of course TV screens and all browsers. If your device is not supported, let us know and we will look into it.
> How can I upgrade my subscription?
You can upgrade your free or paid TVMucho subscription directly from the TVMucho app. Make sure you are logged into your account and navigate to the menu. Go to My Account > Subscription to make a selection and follow the simple steps to complete your upgrade.
> Can you remind me of my activation code?
Once you subscribe to TVMucho online in your browser or via the TVMucho app you will be sent an activation code by email. Please search your inbox for the code. If you are still unable to find your activation code, email us at support@tvmucho.com and we will send you a reminder.