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Need the best way to
watch TV abroad?

TVMucho provides the easiest, legal service to watch TV abroad.
Get instant access to and record satellite channels from the UK,
Ireland or France, without any additional equipment.
Watch TV Abroad: 1 hour for free, every day!
Watch TV Abroad: 1 hour for free, every day!

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Start TV-ing Abroad with TVMucho.
For those longing to stay connected to home.

Struggling to watch TV while you travel, work or live abroad? Worried about all the unreliable and illegal services out there? Or, perhaps you don’t have the room or permission to install that ugly and expensive satellite dish? We’ve been there. That’s why we created TVMucho; the perfect TV-ing abroad experience.

TV on the move Get connected and view your
favourite TV everywhere you go!
Instant setup No Expensive equipment. Sit down,
install, relax and press PLAY.
Legal, safe and secure No more dodgy apps from hackers
and pirates.
Fastest Service Never worry about slow connections,
wherever you live.

Access to 130+ free-to-air channels.

With TVMucho, you can view satellite TV channels from home, abroad. Watch your favorite TV from the UK, Ireland and France anytime, anywhere. We’re also planning on adding channels from other destinations including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey and Spain, soon.
UK TV Channels Access more than 50 live satellite channels (incl. BBC & ITV) from the UK.
French TV Channels Including all popular broadcasters like TF1, France 2 and M6.
Irish TV Channels Watch your favourite Irish channels (incl. RTE, BBC, and ITV) abroad.

How does a TVMucho membership work?

TVMucho membership keeps you connected to home! Our membership provides direct access to the live satellite streams that are free-to-air for anyone, equipping you with the technology to receive transmissions, allowing you to watch TV abroad! It is almost like having a hardware satellite receiver box.

TVMucho does not add any advertising or sell your data. Our support team is available 24/7.

The features that give you an even better
TV-ing abroad experience

TVMucho membership helps expats and travellers stay connected to ‘home’; in tune with their compatriots and culture, and helping to keep their kids fluent in their mother tongue. TVMucho is simple to use. No Expensive equipment. Sit down, install, relax and press PLAY.
Personal Video Recording Select and record programs in the cloud so you can watch them later.
Television Guide Keep track of what's on today, tomorrow and the rest of the week with our fast, interactive TV guide.
Available on any device We have apps for all your devices: smartphone, PC and TV.

Questions about TVMucho?

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Frequently asked questions

In what countries can I use the TVMucho app?

TVMucho works everywhere, without a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and is fully legal! All you need is a stable Internet connection with a minimum of 2 Mbps for standard (SD) quality video, and 5 Mbps for high definition (HD) quality video.

What is the picture quality like?

Our picture quality is high definition (HD) by default. However, for customers with slower Internet connections, there is a standard (SD) quality video option available. TVMucho is built using super fast infrastructure that allows high quality connections to the free-to-air satellites. You will find our quality, reliability, and ease-of-use is far superior to any other service accessing the free-to-air live streams.

On what devices can I use TVMucho?

TVMucho works on all your devices. Literally. You can find our app in all major app stores (i.e. Google Play, iOs, Amazon). You can also use an IPTV box cast directly from your mobile device using Chromecast or Amazon Fire Stick or load an app onto your smart TV. For more information on supported devices, visit our tv app-page.

Do I need a VPN (virtual private network) to use the TVMucho app?

No VPN is required with TVMucho. We provide you access to the free-to-air satellites! TVMucho works just like traditional satellite TV with a slight twist on the technology. We make sure things are super simple for our members. Curious how TVMucho works? Learn more.

What channels are you going to add?

Currently, we offer 66 UK channels, 9 Irish channels and 29 French channels. We’re planning on expanding rapidly to cover all South American Countries, in addition to Spanish, German, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, and Italian TV channels. Any special requests? Click here to start a chat with our support staff.

Is TVMucho a legal TV service? 

Yes we are. TVMucho does not broadcast, re-transmit, re-stream, re-distribute, add advertisements or otherwise alter any content. We do not offer a catch-up service that contravenes the existing law. Instead, our service equips our members with legal technology for individual use. Our only financial benefit is the nominal low fee we charge our members that pays for the equipment and service provisioning.

Different question? Visit our help page for more FAQs or to contact support.

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