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    Privacy Policy

    (Last modified January 1, 2020)

    1. What is new?

      This Privacy Policy replaces the previous ones dated December 2019. We rewrote our
      privacy removing as much legal jargon as we could, turning this into a human readable
      document. This way we both understand what our privacy policy means without having to go
      and ask our lawyers. Hope you like it. We remain fully GDPR

    2. Introduction

      TVMucho’s mission is simple: to provide the best possible TV experience for expats and

      We take your privacy very seriously. When you use TVMucho you trust us with your

      This Privacy Policy is meant to make it easy to understand why and how we collect and
      hold personal data from you. It also explains what we do to protect this and how you can
      adjust your preferences or have your data deleted. It is important you will take time to
      read it carefully.

      We welcome your feedback and questions and if there is anything you do not understand or
      if you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you can contact

    3. How to contact us

      Please contact us if you have any questions about this privacy policy or the information
      we hold about you. If you wish to contact us, please write to us using the contact form

      • TVMucho SL
      • Company Number: B35657246
      • Office address: Calle Juan Rejon 91
      • 32008, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
      • Telephone number: +44 (0) 203 865 1884

      For the purposes of the European Union Data Protection Act 1998, TVMucho SL is a ‘data
      controller’ ie the company who is responsible for, and controls the processing of, your
      personal information.

    4. Information That We Collect

      TVMucho provides a range of apps and software technology as part of its services. We
      provide controls and tools to watch TV, which means we collect information about how you
      are using our apps on your devices (such as PC, TV, phone and tablets) because we need
      this information to learn and understand how to provide you with the best possible user
      experience and to be able to provide better and new services to all our members.

      When you visit our website we ask you to accept and agree to our Terms. When you accept
      we store information that we collect using Cookies and other technologies. This helps us
      to understand which information we provide is useful to you and to improve your website

      We hope that once you understand the measures we take to help ensure secure transactions
      and privacy, and the steps you can take yourself, you will be as happy about the safety
      of your online transaction and order information as we are. We have no desire to
      infringe your privacy while using our site or “Service” — as defined in our Terms of Service — and we will
      never provide your personal information to anyone else except as set out in this policy,
      our general terms or if we sell our business in whole or in part.

      The specific activity information that TVMucho collects depends on how you use our
      Service and how you manage your privacy controls. The activity information we collect
      may include:

      • Type of devices you have, including OS and browser type,
      • Where your devices are located based on IP,
      • Family names and profile pictures that you provide,
      • What you watch, for how long and when,
      • The occurrences of technical errors, your interactions with service features and
        content, your settings preferences,
      • Content interaction information, such as content playback details, including
        duration, and network details for the Service quality, including information about
        your internet service provider;
      • Content that you are viewing or have viewed or have shown interest in by for example
        adding it to your wishlist.

      We use various technologies to collect and store information, including cookies, pixel
      tags, local storage, such as browser web storage or application data caches, databases
      and server logs.

      We collect this information when a TVMucho service on your device contacts our servers –
      your device periodically contacts TVMucho servers to provide information required to
      operate the Service we provide.

    5. Information you provide to us

      When you create a TVMucho membership, you provide us with personal information that
      includes your name, address, your email, usernames for other family members and
      passwords for them. We also collect information from others when you for example when
      you recommend our product to a friend via our in app send-to-a-friend functionality.

      We also receive personal information when you contact us, send us feedback, complete
      customer surveys and participate in any promotional activities such as competitions

    6. How we use data

      We use information that we collect for the following purposes:

      • Provide our services: such as processing tasks you have setup, or executing the
        functionalities our services offer such storing favorites and personal recording. We
        also use information to manage your membership account such as billing information.
      • Maintain & Improve our services: such as tracking if our services are working as
        intended, measure performance and to monitor and prevent outages. We also use
        information to learn and understand how our services are being used which allows us
        to improve our services and develop new functionality.
      • Communicate with you: We use information that we collect, such as your email address
        and your usage data, to interact with you directly. We may notify you about any
        changes and improvements to our website and services or information that may be of
        interest or important to you. If you contact our support we will use your
        information to help you resolve any issues you might be facing.
      • Protect TVMucho and our members: We use information to help improve the safety and
        reliability of our services. This includes detecting, preventing, and responding to
        fraud, abuse, security risks and technical issues that could harm TVMucho and our

      We will ask for your consent before using your information for a purpose that isn’t
      covered in this Privacy Policy.

    7. Sharing your personal data

      We may also use the data you send to us by completion of surveys to prepare user
      profiles. We do not pass on your personal data to any third parties except:

      • To enable you to obtain access to the restricted parts of certain service providers’
      • To enable you to receive information you have requested to be sent to you by post
        (we will disclose your address); or
      • To enable you to receive a paid for service;
      • To Partner Companies for the purposes of providing the Service as indicated in the
        general Terms of Service.
    8. Cookies and Similar Technologies

      We try to make all of our services simple, useful and reliable. We use various
      technologies to collect and store information when you visit or use a TVMucho service,
      and this may include using cookies or similar technologies to identify your browser or
      device. When you use our website and services, small traces of information about you
      visiting us are stored on your device. This information is stored into a small file
      called a “Cookie”.

      A Cookie does not contain a lot of information but the information it contains is used
      during your visit and the next time you visit us and when you use any of our software
      services. It allows us to recognise you and keep track of important settings you have
      made in the past. For example it remembers that it’s you who is visiting so we can
      remember your password and to not show information you indicated was not of

      Cookies can be used for:

      • Remembering a login name or settings,
      • Collecting information about how you use the product,
      • Storing temporary data (session Cookie).

      We use our own Cookies that we manage and are only used by us to transfer information
      about the use of our website and services. As part of our service we might also include
      third party Cookies such as Google Analytics; however, we do not have control over how
      these Cookies behave. We only use trusted partners for this; we know they respect your
      privacy and apply similar standards to us.

      When you use our website you may refuse to accept cookies by activating this setting in
      your browser settings. However, when you do this certain parts of the TVMucho website
      and its services may not work correctly. We show you a Cookies acceptance notification
      before using our services, by clicking agree you agree we can use your information we
      get via the use of cookies.

    9. What Choices Do I Have?

      We offer you transparency and control over your own privacy and the information we
      collect. We provide a preferences centre where you can manage, review and update your
      privacy settings relating to the way we communicate with you. For example if you prefer
      not to receive or newsletters you can opt out by visiting your Communications
      Preferences Centre.

    10. Copy of the information we hold

      You have the right to request an electronic copy of all the personal information that we
      hold about you. You can also request to receive a printed copy but this is subject to
      the payment of a small fee because we have printing and postage expenses.

      To request your copy you have to:

      • Put your request in writing and send it to us,
      • Include proof of your identity and address (e.g. a copy of your driving licence or
        passport, and a recent utility or credit card bill).

      When you are requesting a printed copy send us a cheque in the amount of £25 made
      payable to TVMucho SL. You will receive your requested copy within 30 days of the

    11. Correcting or changing your information

      You can always ask us to correct any inaccuracies in your data free of charge. If you
      wish us to change something, you have to:

      • Put your request in writing and send it to us,
      • Provide us with your membership username and registration details,
      • Specify the information that is incorrect and what it should be replaced with.
    12. Deleting your membership and information

      If you are no longer interested in using TVMucho services, you can ask to have your
      membership account deleted. You can even request deletion of the entire history of
      information that TVMucho holds on you.

      When you request us to delete your data, we follow a deletion policy to make sure that
      your data is safely and completely removed from our system. We secure the data we hold
      and therefore there might be delays in the removal of your information from our system
      and the back-ups we hold.

      Some information needs to be retained by us for a certain period of time for legitimate
      business requirements such as for financial record-keeping purposes, or where we have to
      comply with legal or regulatory requirements and to provide security, fraud & abuse
      prevention. For example, when TVMucho processes a payment for you, or when you make a
      payment to TVMucho, we’ll retain this data for longer periods of time as required for
      tax or accounting purposes.

      We use technologies and tools to develop and deliver our service. Some of these may have
      automated secure backups that do not provide us with the option to delete individual
      data from encrypted backups. However, in the rare event we need to restore a backup we
      will make sure your data will instantly be deleted as part of restoring the backup if
      you have requested so.

    13. How Secure is My Information?

      We will use reasonable technical and organisational measures to safeguard personal data.
      For example the access to your membership account is controlled by a password and
      username that are unique to you. We store your personal data on secure servers; we do
      not store payment details and where these payment details are transmitted to our
      partners for payment processing they are sent in an encrypted form.

    14. Transfers of data

      Data protection laws vary among countries, with some providing more protection than
      others. Regardless of where your information is processed, we apply the same protections
      described in this policy.

      We are headquartered in Spain. By submitting your data and using the TVMucho website and
      services you agree with this Privacy Policy and our Terms of

      When you sign up to receive any of our services we will not transfer your personal data
      to countries outside the European Union for storage or processing, unless it is a
      recognised ‘safe harbour’ or we have in place suitable and adequate contractual terms to
      protect and safeguard your data in such other territory.

    15. European Requirements

      When the European Union data protection law GDPR applies to the processing of your
      information, we provide controls and processes as described in this policy to exercise
      your right to request access to, update, delete, restrict, export and object to the
      processing of your information.

      We process your information for the purposes described in this policy, based on the
      following legal grounds:

      With your consent

      For some specific parts of our service we ask for your agreement to process your
      information. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. For example, we
      ask for your consent to provide you with personalised services such as using templates
      based on your personal information.

      Pursuing your legitimate interests

      In general we process your information for our legitimate interests. While doing this we
      protect your privacy. We process your information for things such as:

      • Providing, maintaining and improving our services to meet the needs of our members
      • Developing new products and features that are useful for our members
      • Understanding how people use our services to ensure and improve the performance of
        our services
      • Customising our services to provide you with a better user experience
      • Marketing to inform members about our services
      • Providing advertising to make parts of our services freely available for members
      • Detecting, preventing or otherwise addressing fraud, abuse, security or technical
        issues with our services
      • Performing research that improves our services for our members
      • Fulfilling obligations to our partners like developers and rights holders
      • Enforcing legal claims, including investigation of potential violations of
        applicable Terms of Service

      Providing our services

      By using our services you have agreed to enter into a contract. We process your
      information as part of this contract. For example, we process your payment information
      when you buy TVMucho.

      Complying with legal obligations

      There are legal obligations for processing some parts of your information. For example,
      when we have to comply with an enforceable governmental request.

    16. Changes

      We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time, however, we will not reduce your
      rights under this privacy policy without your explicit consent. We will always notify
      you when we have updated our policy and will do so in clear language. We will also ask
      for your consent before using your information for a purpose that isn’t covered in this
      Privacy Policy.

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