Why we had to remove our 7-day Record-All service.

On Monday 27th July, TVMucho had to remove it's 7-day Record-All service with immediate effect. This was due to mounting legal pressure from select players within the broadcasting industry, notably the BBC, Discovery and Channel + just to name a few. Ever since, TVMucho has been committed to finding a balance between the rights of TV viewers and the content producers.
You see, it’s all hotting up in the IPTV TV space over the legality of catch-up TV services, and many IPTV providers have been caught shy in recent years. Find out why here. TVMucho prides itself on being legally compliant, so we can continue to provide you with your favourite TV from home, abroad. But our Record-All 7-day catchup service risked getting us shut down. Ultimately, removing Record-All was a tough decision, but the right one.
We replaced Record-All with Later, the personal cloud video recording app. Later lets you build a personal library of up to 250 of your favorite films, shows, sports and documentaries that you can watch again and again. It works hand-in-hand with TVMucho’s powerful TVGuide, allowing you to schedule recordings of your favorite TV shows with a click before they air. Find out more about Later.
Why our service is fair.
TVMucho does not broadcast, re-transmit, re-stream, re-distribute or otherwise alter any content. Instead, TVMucho is a service provider that equips its members with legal technology for individual use. We neither infringe existing copyright nor breach any EU laws and strive to build amicable relationships with broadcasters and rightsholders. We fight privacy through education and by supporting initiatives such as the Free To Air TV Collective. Find out more about how we work.
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