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No-nonsense TV app that
works across devices.

All the problems of watching TV abroad vanish with TVMucho;
the app that works better than any IPTV, VPN, set top box,
streaming apps or satellite dish. The TVMucho TV app is
super easy to use, so that anyone can legally watch live
or record TV on any device, from anywhere in just a few
minutes. Sign up and get 1 hour free to watch every day.
One click is all it takes to get instant access to your favourite channels.

The TV app that gets you access to 130+ channels
... and counting.

If you’re holidaying or live abroad, you can use the TVMucho TV app to watch television channels from the UK, Ireland and France directly from the satellite without interruption, wherever you are located. No additional equipment required. What’s more, we are working hard to provide you access to more channels from different countries. Check out our channel list for a complete overview of the channels that you can access.

UK TV Channels Access more than 60 live satellite channels (incl. BBC & ITV) from the UK.
French TV Channels Including all popular broadcasters like TF1, France 2 and M6.
Irish TV Channels Watch your favourite Irish channels (incl. RTE, BBC, and ITV) abroad.

Use the TV app on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop,
PC or Mac, TV box, stick or directly on TV.

The TVMucho TV App is available on the widest range of devices and operating systems including Android, iOs, Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS and all types of browsers. All of our apps are designed to deliver an immersive experience, whatever device you use. Below you will find a complete list of supported devices so that it’s easy to select and download the correct TVMucho apps so you can always watch TV, anytime, anywhere.

TVMucho App on your mobile phone or tablet

TVMucho App on your mobile phone or tablet

The TVMucho app can be used on any iOS, Android and Microsoft smartphone or tablet to watch TV. Download our app from the app stores.

Android DevicesDownload our TV app on any Android Phone, Tablet, Box, Fire stick or TV running Android KitKat 4.2 (released July 2012) or later.

Get it from the Google Play Store.

iOs (Apple) Mobile Phones and TabletsTVMucho works on all iPhones and iPads devices running iOS 10+ (released on September 13, 2016) or later. Airplay is also supported to transmit your programs to your TV.

Get our app for free from the iOS App store.

TVMucho for desktop: web browsers

TVMucho for desktop: web browsers

Our TVMucho TV service is available on any desktop PC. All you need is a browser. Some popular browsers that are supported include Google Chrome, Internet Explorer / Edge, Safari, Opera and Firefox. We recommend having at least a 5 MBIT stable internet connection for optimal viewing pleasure.

Use TVMucho in your web browser.

TVMucho for desktop: Linux apps The TV app is available for both Linux / Ubuntu (version 17.04 or higher):

Download TVMucho for Linux. 

Download TVMucho for Ubuntu.

TV app for your TV

TV app for your TV

Get TVMucho directly on your TV. Our TV app is available across devices (i.e. mobile to tv) or through multiple programs:

  • Android TV (your Smart TV or NVidia Shield), or through any Android TV set-top box.
  • Use your device to watch TV on another: Screen mirroring, Casting, Miracast, and Apple Airplay.
  • Use any device to watch TV: Amazon Fire Stick TV, Fling, Google Chromecast.

Experience live & recorded TV perfection

TVMucho TV apps are intuitive and easy to use, ensuring a great TV experience and offering these great features:
Personal Video Recording Select and record programs in the
cloud so you can catch up later.
Television Guide Keep track of what's on today, tomorrow and the rest of the week with our fast, interactive TV guide.
Available across devices Directly access broadcast quality TV,
with HD option (where available)
without any advertising added.

Join and become a member today.

Our Traveller membership is completely free and allows you to watch your favourite programs for up to 1 hour per day. All you have to do is sign up! No hidden fees or small print. Need more time or want to make use of our recording functionality? Upgrade to Family TV or Expat TV membership!

Frequently asked questions

In what countries can I use the TV app?

TVMucho works everywhere, without a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and is fully legal! All you need is a stable Internet connection with a minimum of 2 Mbps for standard (SD) quality video, and 5 Mbps for high definition (HD) quality video.

What is the picture quality like?

Our picture quality is high definition (HD) by default. However, for customers with slower Internet connections, there is a standard (SD) quality video option available. TVMucho is built using super fast infrastructure that allows high quality connections to the free-to-air satellites. You will find our quality, reliability, and ease-of-use is far superior to any other service accessing the free-to-air live streams.

Do I need a VPN (virtual private network) to use the TVMucho app?

No VPN is required with TVMucho. We provide you access to the free-to-air satellites! TVMucho works just like traditional satellite TV with a slight twist on the technology. We make sure things are super simple for our members. Curious how TVMucho works? Learn more.

What internet speed do I need?

You don’t need a super-fast internet connection to watch TV with the TVMucho app, but for high-quality TV, your internet speeds needs to be rated at a stable 5 Mbps OR higher. This, however, does not mean that TVMucho won’t work with slower speeds. Many TVMucho members require no more than 2 Mbps internet speed, so even the slowest broadband, including 3G, is sufficient to watch TV smoothly. Curious about your internet speed? Test your internet speed.

Is TVMucho a legal TV service?

Yes we are. TVMucho does not broadcast, re-transmit, re-stream, re-distribute, add advertisements or otherwise alter any content. We do not offer a catch-up service that contravenes the existing law. Instead, our service equips our members with legal technology for individual use. Our only financial benefit is the nominal low fee we charge our members that pays for the equipment and service provisioning.

Different question? Visit our help page for more FAQs or to contact support.

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