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Supported Devices and Multi-Device Usage.

Wondering what devices TVMucho is compatible with? You’ll find all the information below.

Supported devices:

TVMucho works on a wide range of devices, including mobile, tablet, PC, Android TV, and Android TV Boxes.

Multi-screen viewing:

For simultaneous viewing on multiple devices, consider our FAMILY TV membership. It’s ideal for busy households who enjoy watching different shows, sports, programs or films simultaneously. To upgrade your plan, log into your account and click Settings>Subscriptions>Upgrade your plan. For further assistance, contact us.

Switching devices:

If you encounter issues switching devices, wait at least 3 minutes after logging out on one device before signing in on another. If the problem persists, please contact us via live chat or email at

Using Chromecast:

You can use TVMucho with any device that supports the Chromecast feature, allowing you to stream TVMucho to another device. A Chromecast icon will appear inside the TVMucho Player if your device supports it.

Using an existing IPTV box:

TVMucho is compatible with IPTV boxes running Android version 4.4.4 or higher. Download the TVMucho app from the Play Store.

TVMucho on iPhone and iPad:

TVMucho supports iPhone and iPad devices with version 10 onwards. Download the TVMucho app from the App Store.

Web browser compatibility:

TVMucho works on all major web browsers, including Edge, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox.

Android box compatibility:

You can use any brand of Android box with Android version 4.4.4 or higher. The newer your Android box, the smoother TVMucho runs.

Amazon TV Fire Stick installation:

Our app isn’t available in the Amazon Store, but you can sideload it on Amazon Fire.

Smart TV compatibility (non-Android):

Use the built-in browser to experience TVMucho on non-Android Smart TV’s. For a more dependable experience, consider using an Android TV box or stick.

Compatibility with Roku:

TVMucho is not currently compatible with Roku.

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